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With the 2022 FIFA World Cup approaching, many World Cup kits are starting to be released and there are some intriguing looks.

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From Mexico’s chic away kit to Germany looking to give their home kit a solid new look and Puma putting out a very specific and similar look for their national teams, just like they did for their club teams on their away kit. unpack here.

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When November rolls around and the World Cup kicks off, which of these shirts will you be proud to wear? And which one will you wear because it looks really cool?

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Below is our ranking of released World Cup kits.

2022 FIFA World Cup Kit Rating

1. Mexico

This is a great away kit that will become a classic. Expect these beauties to fly off the shelves and become neutral-loving jerseys as much as El Tri fans. The home kit is also very decent.

2. Portugal

Absolutely sensational work. The home kit is quite unique but still sticks to the bold colors of Portugal, while the away kit is also a classic.

3. Poland

Wow. It’s absolutely beautiful. The away jersey is great, while the home jersey is classic but with intriguing details on the sleeves. Well done.

4. Japan

Well, this is another classic. The Japanese home kit is inspired by anime and its design is bold and recognizable. The away kit is fantastic too, especially the long sleeve version.

5. France

The home and away kits are beautiful, and the colors go great together. Great job.

6. Argentina

Home set is classic. You can’t mix up the blue and white stripes. Again, another great away kit. Purple is perfect and it looks smooth and silky. Very similar to Lionel Messi’s footwork.

7. Wales

They are beautiful. Proper red on the home jersey, just enough not to overdo it. The away shirt is also bright and the collar is beautiful. Great job.

8. Brazil

The home kit looks like a classic, and the away kit is also pretty decent, but some may not like the fancy print on the shoulders.

9. England

The blue accents on the home kit look a bit sloppy, but the away kit is a retro beauty.

10. Croatia

They sort of spoiled the classics with a home kit. It’s still cool, but just having a plaid pattern on a home shirt looks weird. The away form is great.

11. Saudi Arabia

There are some pretty cute designs here. They might choose plain white for home and plain green for out, but the eye-catching design works. Especially for away form.

12. Netherlands

Home shirt looks kind of velvety? Not the usual bright orange, which will upset some. The blue away kit is sleek and a real winner.

13. Senegal

This is the best of the Puma jerseys as Senegal’s away kit is very original and the green color is lovely. That big panel in the middle of the kit is something we’re used to seeing a lot during the World Cup.

14. Ghana

Again, another Puma away kit, but this Ghana jersey has a lot of personality.

15. Germany

This is good. Expect a little better from Die Mannschaft and it looks like they should have an all white jersey for their home kit.

16. Qatar

The hosts have a simple, clean look. The away jersey has a beautiful golden pattern. Not bad.

17. USA

The home jersey was not well received by fans and some players due to being too boring. But the away jersey is pretty good.

18. Morocco

A little rustic, but like the collar and sleeves, and the circular pattern in the middle, it’s very cool.

19. Spain

Eh, this could be so much better. The home kit of the Spanish national team looks boring, and the away kit looks too much with this pattern.

20. Australia

Not quite sure what to do with this. Same velvety styling as the Netherlands home jersey on the Australia home jersey. It just doesn’t work. The away kit is also very boring.

21. Belgium

These home kits are too simple and the flame pattern on the shoulder is not great and looks like a shirt I would wear to my midweek bowling league. Lost opportunity. The same applies to the exit form. Belgium’s golden generation will not look golden at this World Cup.

22. Uruguay

Again, another Puma away kit that is very similar. Uruguay’s iconic sky blue color could have been used much better on this away jersey.


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