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RCS Sports Hoopsgiving Classic Scouting Notes


HOUSTONTexas While college basketball has been this week’s story, there are many exciting Thanksgiving matches jumping around at the high school level. RCS Sports hosted its annual Hoopsgiving Classic this Wednesday, featuring a group of sophomores, a trio of high school seniors and one of the top fifty juniors.

Sophomore stands out

(Photo: Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports)

Foursome Stretching Nigel Walls recovering rapidly, and it has been noticeable since we last saw him in early autumn. When he first saw Walls, it was obvious that he had ways to play through fitness and train his legs. If yesterday’s performance taught me anything, it’s that Walls has a competitive edge and a desire to test his game.

Playing against older opponents and being young for his level, Walls sought to initiate contact by leaning his shoulder against stronger opponents. His determination to make something happen in every aspect of the game was a big reason why his Houston, TX St. Francis’s Episcopal Church team remained competitive in their matchup. Although his team did not prevail, Walls managed to showcase the Flash as a reliable sharpshooter and spotter. He is one of those up-and-coming people who naturally ooze years of talent and potential.

O’Marion Harvey is Walls’ frontcourt teammate, and like Walls, he has a lean build with long arms. He has a positive side too, as Harvey is a winger who can hack and shows an abundance of energy from either end of the court. Its potential will only turn into performance once it gains functional strength and learns to play harder. But, nevertheless, he is a promising prospect with a large positional size.

According to statistics, both had quiet performances, but Shelton Henderson as well as John Laboy are two notable names that schools will soon be targeting.

Henderson’s name is already known in the highest circles. A long-armed physical specimen is 6’6″, his time on the floor has been reduced due to injury prevention. However, while he was playing, it immediately became clear why his programs were in the black.

He has always had a strong and chiseled prospect who is ready for a college game from the moment he enters high school. However, schools are also drawn to the versatility it can bring to both floor ends. He has shown some flair as a passer and makes every accurate pass with lightning speed. In addition, he has potential as a physical defender who can really separate himself from those in his position as an elite rebounder. Kellen Sampson stood on the starting line, watching his every move, until SMU Henderson was already on campus.

When Henderson retired from his Bellaire (Texas) team, LJ Andrews immediately took the slack and was the best player on the court until the end of the game.

A 6’7″ Andrews who deals damage in high and low stances, has great hands, a soft touch and loves to play with his back to the basket. He was a workhorse inside the arc as he played with a mid streak that developed quickly after the jump.

It’s easy to believe that his approach to the game, combined with his skill set, is what landed him the first offer from Texas A&M. Andrews’ ability to influence the game from the inside gives him a shot at being the top low-ranking prospect in his class from Greater Houston.

LaBoy only scored three points in his performance, but it was his aggression that made me appreciate what he could become. A leading 6’2″ guard, LaBoy is strong with the ball in his hands, looking forward and looking for contact with every shot. He posed as a fearless security guard who plays the game with a mindset focused on making the game happen every time the opportunity presents itself. With Harvey and Walls by his side for the next two years, this trio should be fun to follow and destined to make a name for themselves in the Texas high school scene in the near future.


(Photo: Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports)

Bye Wesley Yates was the best player on the floor in the best game of the tournament, his scoring ability and defensive competitiveness are traits that our staff has become accustomed to over the past couple of years.

It’s hard not to bet that he’ll score 1,000 points at the Division I level. Mike Hopkins surely got a prospect that will bring a winning pedigree and offensive confidence to the Huskies men’s basketball program.

Another senior who performed at a high level was Miles Rigsby Fort Worth (TX) OD Wyatt High. A 6-foot-4 combo defenseman who plays strictly at his own pace, Rigsby exploded with a tournament-high 37 points and did so by destroying the opposing team on the scoreboard.

Rigsby, who signed with Troy Trojan, scored points in finishing at the ring, scoring clean pull-ups and scoring at halftime. He has also managed to get his teammates involved as he excels with his driving, navigation and location abilities. A national ranking should soon be on its way.

teammate Rigsby Nick Gunter was also an effective filling of statistics in this. At 6ft 10in, the unsigned senior big man can run around the court, is able to stretch the defense with his shooting, and is sure to make an impact on the game with his size and height. Adding strength and consistency will be vital to his success at the collegiate level. But yesterday’s performance clearly showed that he is taking steps in the right direction.


(Photo: Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports)

Four star guard Jared Harris was on the opposite side of Wyatt’s landslide victory. With lopsided play not in his favor, the summer stockrider, who debuted at No. 38 in 247Sports’ top 150, still showed why he is one of the top junior class prospects in the state.

Harris has a wingspan of over seven at 6ft 2in, and although his efforts left much to be desired, he still managed to score 27 points, including six attempts from downtown. Judging by the level of his talent, if his energy were up to the standard of our first impression judging him, it’s safe to say that he could have gone forty or more.

However, its benefits cannot be denied. Houston is one of the main programs he participates in as Kellen Sampson also sat on the baseline for his performance.

Since the end of the summer, Harris has paid an official visit TCU and several informal visits to Houston, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahomaas well as Texas.

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