Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: The three problems facing Carlo Ancelotti and company after El Clasico defeat

After missing a shot in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-finals against Barcelona, ​​something is not right at Real Madrid. Los Blancos, who were defeated 1-0, are just one season away from winning La Liga and the Champions League. But in football, a season is all it takes to make things change, especially when players like Casemiro leave the club.

After the comeback hype against Liverpool in the Champions League, Real Madrid drew a 10-man Atlético Madrid team before losing to Barcelona at home, making it look like the match against Liverpool was for real masks Real Madrid’s problems rather than signaling them. that the club is where they want to be. Less than a month after the loss to Mallorca, Real Madrid have become a vulnerable side, but what worries the team?

Here are their three biggest problems:

Eduardo Camavinga doesn’t crash into the middle

When Camavinga was signed by Real Madrid from Rennes, he was one of the most sought-after young talents in the world. A central midfielder who can be turned into a defensive midfielder or a box-to-box midfielder, he has learned a lot from the likes of Casemiro, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos. It doesn’t get much better than this. But now, in a year when Carlo Ancelotti needed Camavinga to step up, he was failing at critical moments in matches.

As for Barcelona’s only goal, it was Camavinga’s giveaway that led to a Frank Kessy shot that was deflected by Militao, and Camavinga’s loss of the ball, which launched a counter-attack, became all too common for Real Madrid. He was good in defence, where his work-rate and ball-handling skills helped Real Madrid balance, but when Ancelotti needed midfielders, Camavinga failed to seize the opportunity to shine in midfield. Experience could help him in this, but, as in the case of Luka Jovic sent to Fiorentina, time waits for no one in Madrid.

Vinicius Jr can be one-dimensional at times

Barcelona’s game plan worked because they didn’t have to fear that Real Madrid would attack them through midfield. If Karim Benzema went deep to pick up the ball, no one ran through the center to find him with his great passing. Vinicio Jr is the one to count on if the teams take the lead, but with Barcelona sitting deep to keep things in front of him, there was no signature Vini Jr in the game, running into space to infuse fear in rivals. Instead, he spent most of the game isolated on the wing and was unable to influence play.

Having made six crosses into the box, only two were accurate, and he landed only one shot that missed the target. Vini Jr. may have been one of the most electrifying players in the world in his day, but to keep Real Madrid alive, especially when Benzema finally hangs up his boots, his game needs some consistency. In the victory over Liverpool, Vini Jr showed what he can do with two goals and an assist, but Madrid need this guy in big games like this if they want to win the trophy this season. They got it from him last year in the Champions League final, but they’ll need even more to make a difference in the Copa del Rey.

Depth is starting to become a major issue.

There were times when Real Madrid were one of the strongest squads in the world, but this season it is not so. While money is still pouring in, it’s a misnomer to refer to this roster as the Galacticos, where just 13 players have logged over 1,000 league minutes. It feels like Ancelotti doesn’t trust his deep players, and a lot of that has to do with the fitness of Eden Hazard, who was given a few minutes to see if he could play a false nine when Benzema was injured, but he couldn’t. work with those to make a difference.

Now Ancelotti has turned to younger players like 18-year-old Alvaro Muñoz, who scored the equalizing goal against Atlético Madrid, because they at least have the drive to keep moving forward in these matches. But with a team that includes the likes of Lucas Vazquez and Hazard, if they can’t be trusted, Ancelotti manages with a hand tied behind his back.

All of this adds up to what would be a surprise if Real Madrid win a major trophy this season. For a club in transition that even has rumors of Ancelotti leaving to lead Brazil, they could only have the Club World Cup to show off this season. Of course, there is time to turn things around, but that time is quickly running out as the matches will only get harder.


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