Ream, Robinson discuss key partnership, hopes for Fulham and USMNT Bournemouth vs Manchester City, live! Score, updates, stream link, highlights Aston Villa weather early storm, drop Everton back into relegation zone West Ham exit relegation zone with 4-0 win over Nottingham Forest Arsenal works its way past wayward Leicester City

Tim Rome and Anthony Robinson have had an incredible season for club and country as Fulham aim for European qualification and they have played a key role in USMNT’s last 16 World Cup runs.

But there is still a lot to be done from the duo who have taken their game to the next level by playing alongside each other and proudly carrying the Fulhamerica flag.

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Speaking exclusively to ProSoccerTalk ahead of Fulham’s clash with the Wolves on Friday (watch live, 3pm ET on USA Network and online via, the duo explained what is behind their incredible relationship and understanding on the pitch.

Rome, 35, and Robinson, 25, have reached a telepathic rapport, and newly promoted Fulham are sixth in the Premier League table and in the FA Cup round of 16, largely due to their defensive strength, which is key to duo USMNT. from.

The Cottages have maintained eight shutouts in their 24 Premier League games so far, including five since the World Cup break as only Manchester United have won more Premier League games than Fulham since the season restarted.

Hit the play button on the video above to watch the full interview, and here are some snippets from the chat with USMNT and Fulham stars.

Tim Rome on what he appreciates about Robinson

Chelsea - Fulham - Premier League - Stamford Bridge

“I appreciate that at certain points he makes up for my lack of pace,” Rome laughed, while Robinson chuckled. “Again, this is a complimentary thing. We both have things that maybe the other doesn’t and I can fully admit that I have weaknesses just like any other player. We help each other well. This guy’s talent shows up on so many different levels, be it piano, chess, cards, Rubik’s Cube, I mean this guy does it all. I sit and think: “God, where does he find the time!?” … He is an extremely talented person in many aspects and directions. I fucking admire it because I don’t have that kind of talent and artistry in my blood.”

Robinson on what he appreciates in Rome

Leicester City - Fulham - Premier League

“He has good hair, I’ll leave it at that!” Robinson joked when Ream laughed out loud with the atmosphere always good between the USMNT duo. “For me, Tim, is that every footballer knows what it’s like to go through the stages when you are criticized, and there are stories about you throwing you back. I’ve been through it myself with the national team, especially when people say, “Oh, don’t call him, he can’t defend.” Things you don’t even look for, but they eventually find a way to get your attention.

“From the first Premier League season I had here where Tim didn’t play that much and I didn’t really play with him, to all things with the World Cup, not playing a lot of qualifiers after the first two windows, Championship season, how incredible he played and his drive not to prove people wrong and his own drive to succeed and make his loved ones proud of it, that really resonates with me. I love when people get the fruits of their labor and are rewarded for their hard work, determination and overcoming what people say. Look at him now, people have said he probably won’t play for us this year and he’s probably our player of the year. So it’s very inspiring to a lot of people, but I’m just happy to see that he’s succeeded.”

What is achievable for Fulham this season?

Fulham - Everton - Premier League - Craven Cottage

“Andreas [Pereira] said that if we win every game, we will win the league, so there is a chance for that,” Robinson smiled.

“This is his little joke going around, right!?” Rem added.

“At the start of the season, we were very clear that we just wanted to stay in the league and I think if we did, we would, you know, just stay up and we did it by playing the way we wanted to. we would take it as a very successful season. But now we are at a stage where we have 14 games left, we are sixth in the league and we can look ahead and be optimistic. Playing in cup competitions is very important because you don’t play tournaments thinking you won’t win. So we have every chance and I don’t think it’s greedy to say that I think we can continue this cup race and go all the way to Wembley and win it. But where we end up in the league will only depend on how we continue to perform, so we are optimistic and positive and we can achieve everything we want to achieve.”

Ream looking for USMNT players in the Premier League and England


“I would not say that we meet too often, but there is a lot of correspondence and WhatsApp between the guys. There have been a lot more in the past,” Rome explained as many USMNT players now call England home. “I was going to have a Thanksgiving dinner last Thanksgiving, but we were in Qatar, so plans changed. It’s not so much about getting together as just making sure you meet everyone.

“I’ll tell the sergeant [Josh Sargent] just to check in from time to time, and it’s just keeping those connections and making sure everyone is in a good place physically, mentally, where they are with their clubs. Everyone has so much going on in their lives that it’s hard to get everyone together and on the same wavelength, but when the holidays come I try to bring it up and make sure the guys don’t get homesick because it’s a big problem. change being here without their families during the holidays.”

Anthony Robinson on hopes for further development of USMNT

USA - Mexico: Championship - Final of the CONCACAF Nations League

“There are a few things going on with the team as an organization that we have nothing to do with, so it’s out of our control,” Robinson said. “We have three or four tournaments, I think, before the next World Cup, so it’s obvious that every cycle at the international level is aimed at preparing for the World Cup, while all these tournaments that we are going to, it’s the best feeling. . in the world by winning the trophy.

“The first trophy I ever won professionally was the Nations League with Tim and I won trophies no matter what they are and our next goal is to win as many as we can to try and succeed. Embedding in [2026] The World Cup is crazy, what can happen in four years. There are guys who just played in this World Cup who were 19 and 20 years old, they will still be so young when it happens. Now there are children who are 14, 15, 16 years old, whom no one has even heard of, who will play. It’s all exciting and it’s all very promising looking forward to it. We will look to improve our performance at the World Championships and also what position and what round we get into, but again, we go into every tournament with the eye that we can win it.”

Manchester City have very little margin for error before the end of the road as the two-time defending champions try to make it a three-time, starting with their trip to Vitality Stadium to face Bournemouth on Saturday (watch live, 12:30 pm ET). on the US network and online via

Live stream Bournemouth vs Manchester City

Last weekend’s draw against Nottingham Forest was as shocking as it was painful for Manchester City (52 points – 2nd), who are two points behind leaders Arsenal who have played one more game so far . Bournemouth (21 points – 17th) are one point and one position above the relegation zone thanks to a 1-0 win over Wolverhampton last time.

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