Regis Prograis vs. Jose Zepeda fight results, highlights: ‘Rougarou’ batters, TKOs opponent for title


For years, Regis Prograis has been looking for every opportunity to return to the quality of fighting he felt he deserved as one of the world’s elite fighters. Progre’s opportunity presented itself on Saturday night, and he seized it by knocking out José Cepeda in the 11th round to win the vacant WBC junior welterweight title.

In the early rounds, both fighters focused on practicing the jab, trying to determine time and distance. Zepeda had the best results in the first round, but Prograis seemed to catch on to Zepeda midway through the second, when he hit hard with left-handed left-handed counters from a southpaw stance and gave extra momentum to his lightning-fast jab.

Known as a fearless fighter, Zepeda continued to look for answers even as Prograis’ attack gained momentum. By the end of round 4, Prograis’s pressure seemed to overwhelm Zepeda, who also received a cut over his left eye in the frame.

Midway through the round, it became clear that Zepeda needed to make some dramatic adjustments to the fight. Instead, he kept trying to win the fight with his jab, a strategy that clearly didn’t work from the very first moments of the fight. As Zepeda tried – and failed – to get ahead of Prograis on impact, Prograis was able to further increase control of the action.

Zepeda had a sudden burst of attack in the 10th round, he seemed to hit Progre with a powerful overhand left and managed to land some more accurate shots. The comeback left over from Progre led to a wild brawl that led to actions many have dreamed of since the fight was announced.

However, Zepeda’s revival was short-lived as Progre landed a hard left hand that put Zepeda on rubber feet. Progre wasted no time closing the show by throwing Zepeda into the ropes, nearly knocking him down before a final left handed blow sent Zepeda to the floor as the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

The finish came at 0:59 in the 11th round. Prograis led Zepeda 156 to 66, according to CompuBox hitting stats.

This win opens Progre’s second world title. Prograis previously won the WBA title but lost it via majority decision in a fantastic fight against Josh Taylor in the 2019 World Boxing Super Series Final.

After that loss, Prograis found himself frozen in big fights, with fighters and their managers seemingly going out of their way to avoid facing the New Orleans native. Even the opportunity to fight for the vacant title against Zepeda came only when Jose Ramirez pulled out of the fight due to conflicts with his wedding.

After the fight, Prograis made it clear that he no longer needed to address the big names. The big names will now have to call him and he has all the power with a world title around his waist.

“I’m not going to name anyone,” Prograis said. “At first no one wanted to say my name, but now I am a two-time world champion, now everyone will want to say my name. I will let them.”