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Replacement Wide Receivers – Week 11

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This week, Andy Behrens and Scott Pjanowski are looking at some options at WR for Fantasy Managers.

Video transcript

Scott, welcome. Matt mentioned this above, the wide receiver situation is terrible right now. This is terrible. We don’t have Cooper Kupp. We don’t have Jamarr Chase or Miami or Tampa or Seattle or Jacksonville. They are all goodbye, so they took all the wide-barreled and wide-barreled twos with them. So I guess the first question is, are you interested in any of the remaining Rams wide receivers after Kupp’s injury?

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Interested? No. Desperate enough to launch Ben Skowronek in the league? Yeah, and I’m hoping for five catches at 48 yards. It would fill me up. It’s been a lousy week for him, just the worst time for your receivers not to play, but we’ve got a few breaks.

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Donovan Peoples-Jones became much more malleable after the game moved indoors. So instead of a blizzard… and look, we’re having bad weather in Detroit. But they have an indoor stadium, so that’s a sign for NFL teams. If you don’t like your weather, just come to Detroit. We can cancel the game of Lions if necessary, and everyone will get their fantasy points. Everyone is happy.

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Oh, so kind. Tell me about Darius Slayton this week. I know you’ve been in awe of him all season since the touchdown game, and here he’s got an exciting game.

Yes, he beat his fantastic projection in three or four games, one of my favorite players from that great 2019 NFL Draft. I think he gets either 70 yards or a touchdown, maybe both against a minor player from Detroit who will gladly take you where you want to go, and I think the underrated story this year is that Daniel Jones played damn well. Yes, it will be the Barkley show. I get it, but New York’s number one receiver is clearly not Tony. He’s out of town.

This is clearly not Kenny Golladay. He is not at all in favor. I think Robinson is an interesting player. But if they’re blasting downfield, it’s going to be Darius Slayton. He is actually an active game. You should all be lucky to have Slayton. I’m sure in some leagues people go deeper.

One of the most added players in Sportzshala Fantasy Leagues this week and certainly one of the most followed players I think on Twitter, at least in my feed, was Parris Campbell. Where are you on it? It seems like every time Matt Ryan plays, Parris Campbell sees nine or ten targets.

Here you go. I mean, who knew we needed Jeff Saturday and Matt Ryan to save the Colts? But apparently, this is what we needed. Elinger, just not ready to blossom. Matt Ryan started in the last three games, 32 targets, 24 catches, 203 yards and three touchdowns for Parris Campbell. Dare I say, I think he will be their number one successor.

We’re all Michael Pittman fans, but Parris Campbell and Matt Ryan got something right. And Matt Ryan is at a stage in his career where he needs to rely on what works for him, you know, maybe not his best player, but the guy he has the best relationship with. For me, it’s Parris Campbell.

I recorded it well in my top twenty. I don’t even want to answer questions from Parris Campbell this week. I want him to be in your starting lineup.

The guy, Parris Campbell, is among the teens that week. Talk to me, last guy, let’s talk a little about Mac Hollins. He appears to be a bit lower in the ranks, obviously, but he has a great opportunity with a mangled Raider Reception Corps.

Yes, any name that rhymes with Ollins, if you want to beat Nico Collins with 10 targets last week, he can beat Brandin Cooks. I’m fine with that, but Mc Hollins because of the Vegas injuries, look, it’s going to be a low scoring game, so you might not get a touchdown. This is another case where you somehow got 70 yards, you would be happy.

This is what we do in week 11. We lower our expectations. If there’s a game in the outfield, I think Hollins is the guy. Obviously Adams works so well in the shorter to medium areas, but I see seven or eight goals for Mack Hollins. That’s the currency in fantasy football, and with so many offenses, we can’t trust at least Derek Carr, I think, to be a competent quarterback. It’s too much?

It takes a lot. Let’s hope. Thanks Scott, really appreciate it. Follow him on Twitter. This is @Scott_Pianowski. He’s an underscore guy. Read it on Sportzshala Fantasy and remember, it answers your questions on Twitter this morning.


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