Reports intensify that Jeff Bezos has been blocked from buying Commanders

Various publications are currently in a head-to-head game over whether Washington Commanders’ sole prospective buyer is blocked from filing.

Friday night, New York Post reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had been “suspended” from bidding for the team. On Saturday, reported that Bank of America (which handles the sale) told Bezos that he was out. also reports that Bezos was not allowed to bid for the team “for several months.”

The problem is still that Bezos owns Washington Post, who oddly didn’t say anything about whether Bezos was blocked from buying the team. Recently Washington Post reported that Bezos had hired an investment firm to evaluate a potential offer. This means that Bezos was not told not to bet.

Commanders owner Daniel Snyder clearly hates Mail. So even if Bezos offered more than anyone else, Snyder supposedly doesn’t want Bezos’ money.

It’s stupid, in my opinion. It’s petty, in my opinion. In my opinion, it is quite possible that this is an excuse for not selling the team at all.

And, in my opinion, it’s completely in Snyder’s character.

If Snyder doesn’t sell to Bezos, then Snyder isn’t serious about selling. If Snyder comes out, what difference does it make if he hates Mail or Bezos or anyone? Snyder cashes out.

And if Bezos had known for months that he had no chance of buying the team, then Snyder, in my opinion, never took the sale seriously. He just wanted, in my opinion, to ease the pressure a bit at a time when efforts to dislodge him seemed to be approaching critical mass.

The question now is whether other owners (like Jim Irsay of the Colts) will mount their efforts again to put to a formal vote Snyder’s suitability to continue being a member of the Oligarchs’ Club if they feel that Snyder’s interest in the sale was simply the wrong direction.


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