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Reports: Pistons trade for Bojan Bogdanovic, send Olynyk, Lee to Jazz John Wall opens up about depression, suicidal thoughts, seeking help Kawhi Leonard wants to do “everything”, Clippers being cautious Ben Simmons breaks down passed up dunk vs Hawks, talks 76ers, shooting woes Veteran official Kane Fitzgerald taking over NBA’s replay center operations

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The Jazz lined up with contenders and contenders for versatility forward Bojan Bogdanovic—Heath, Lakers, Suns, Mavericks, Knicks—but the rebuilding team ended up making a deal.

Unexpectedly, the Jazz traded Bogdanovich to the Detroit Pistons for Kelly Olynyk as well as do they know – and no peaks. Shams Charania from The Athletic was the first, but this has been confirmed by others, including Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Rod Bird of Detroit News.

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The Pistons have added a versatile two-way player and floor-to-floor shooter along with their young and talented backcourt. Cade Cunningham as well as Jayden Ivey. They also need that center shooting Isaiah Stewart in paint. It also frees up long-term money for the Pistons, Bogdanovich is on a $19.5 million contract final year, Olynyk owes $12.2 million next season, but only $3 million of that is guaranteed.

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On the face of it, acquiring Bogdanovich is a strange move for a team that must rely heavily on youth and rebuild, but it follows the Detroit build pattern. In addition, the Pistons could have handed Bogdanovich to the opponent on time.

The Pistons have an impressive young core: Cunningham, Ivey, Stewart, saddik bayas well as Killian Hayes. However, instead of being fully immersed in this rebuild and player development, the roster is being supplemented by veterans such as Corey Joseph, Alec Burks, Nerlens Noeland now Bogdanovich. Then there was a three-year, $37.5 million contract they signed. Marvin Bagley III is the offseason that confused many in the league – he played better for them after he was traded from Sacramento, but who were they betting against?

The Detroit team is gaining momentum, but this season it will be difficult for them to make the play-in because of the deep East. It will be interesting to see how the Pistons adjust minutes and focus as the season progresses, but for now, Bogdanovich is on their flank.

As for jazz, things were not over with them. Jordan Clarkson he is likely to be the next player, but according to Salt Lake Tribune’s Andy Larsen, the Jazz are finding they can’t give him back a first-round pick.

Clippers preseason practice reports say John Wall impressed – and he is happy to be back on the court. After missing all of last season and missing the entire 2019-20 COVID/Bubble season with an ACL tear and heel infection, we haven’t seen All-Star John Wall play at a high level in a long time.

When circumstances forced him off the court, depression gripped his life following a torn Achilles tendon (and subsequent infections) and the death of his mother. Wall says it got to the point where he was close to suicide before finally seeking help. something he talked about in a Players Tribune article.

“I was so close to killing myself…

For me it all happened very quickly. In three years, I went from the top of the world to losing almost everything I ever cared about. In 2017, I’m jumping on the DC announcer’s table after forcing Game 7 against Boston, and I’m the king of the city. I get the maximum extension thinking I’m a magician for life. A year later, I tore my Achilles and lost the only refuge I’ve ever known – playing basketball. As a result of the operation, I had such a severe infection that I almost had to amputate my leg. A year later, I lost my best friend in the world, my mother, due to breast cancer …

That was when I started walking into a really dark place. Thoughts swirled around in my head like… “My best friend is gone. I can’t play the game I love. Everyone just held out their hand. Nobody checks me. It always comes with something attached. Who’s there to hold me now? What’s the point of being here?”

Wall said his kids kept him from it for a while, but even that wasn’t nearly enough. In the end, he admitted to his loved ones that he needed help. They took him to a therapist who began to make a difference.

Wall is the latest in a lineup of NBA players. DeMar DeRozan as well as Kevin Love — the biggest names — to talk about their mental health issues. This is a step towards breaking the stigma and getting other people, athletes and non-athletes alike, to talk about it and seek help if they need it. Stepping forward on the wall is a big deal.

And when he returns to the court with the Clippers, he will have a much louder bullhorn to discuss the problem in the future.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Clippers basketball team president Lawrence Frank said: Kawhi Leonard cleared for a 5 on 5 job. He also said that Kawhi Leonard wants to do “everything”, but they will be careful.

“First of all, he feels great,” Frank said. “Secondly, his plan is, look, he wants to be involved in everything,” Frank said. “And I think, thirdly, in organizational terms, we will be careful. There will be a phased approach.” (h/t Lo Murray)

Kawhi missed all of last season after tearing his ACL in the 2021 Western Conference semi-finals. The Clippers lost in the Western Conference Finals that year and the play-in tournament last season. Ever since Kawai and Paul George united in Los Angeles.

Frank also said that George is 100% healthy and has had an “extremely productive off-season”. PG missed 43 games last season with an elbow injury. The team has been suffering from injuries for years, but as the season begins, the situation improves.

The team did not give an official date for Kawhi’s return to the court. However, Kawhi wants to do “everything”, including preseason. It may be a very limited sample size, but we got to see him play in the preseason. Their first preseason game is October 3 against Portland.

The Clippers have high hopes for this season as their all-star duo are healthy again and Norman Powell, Robert Covingtonas well as John Wall since the close of trading last season. They will be incredibly careful not to have their season derailed by injury again.


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