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Rodemaker rallies Florida State to 35-31 win at Louisville Dorrell, Colorado feeling the pressure after 0-3 start Aguano tasked with taking Arizona State in a new direction

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LOUISVILLE, Kentucky. Forced to return to work on Friday evening due to injury. Tate Roodemaker lifted the state of Florida to another incredible victory.

This time around, the Seminoles didn’t need a blocked extra point with no time to win, as they did two weeks ago against LSU. Instead, they relied on their backup quarterback, who led the way in a 35–31 win over Louisville.

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The sophomore came after Jordan Travis suffered a left calf injury with just over four minutes remaining in the second quarter, with Florida State losing 21–14. All the Valdosta, Georgia native did was lead the Seminoles to three 75-yard hits in the second half. The latter came at 7:54 left with a sensational 2-yard catch in the end zone by Johnny Wilson, who put the Seminoles in for good (3-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast).

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Roodemaker, who completed a 6-of-10 pass for 109 yards with two touchdowns and one interception, said he was determined to treat it like his job for a week before the game.

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“I just threw the first half out of there,” Roedemaker said. “In the second half, I just went out and played my game. I just said to myself, “This is like a workout, and I’ve been doing this all week.” I just brought it into the game.”

Florida State scored 260 of his 455 yards and Roodemaker took the shots. Treshon Ward added 126 yards per 10 seminole carries. Wilson finished with seven catches for 149 yards and both touchdowns from Roodemaker.

Florida State Coach Mike Norvell said his team “set themselves up” to win, and that had a lot to do with Roodemaker’s performance.

“It was an example of what this team is built on,” Norvell said. “It was a special night. This is what I will remember forever. It was an incredible atmosphere. We’ll talk about this heart and this person.”

The Cardinals (1-2, 0-2) lost despite having 495 yards on offense. Malik Cunningham threw for 243 yards on 21 of 34 passes with a touchdown and an interception. The fifth year also added 127 rushing yards and two points on 17 carries.

The Cardinals’ effort was hampered by three losses, including a second-quarter fumble on Cunningham on a bad pass to Seminoles 12 early in the second quarter. Louisville, who led the game, also threw 11 penalties for 81 yards.

“You know, it’s just really frustrating and disappointing that I can’t win this game,” Louisville coach. Scott Satterfield said. “I felt like Florida State was a good football team, but we were there, going head-to-head and controlling the game until late.”

The Cardinals had a chance to win the game after Ryan Fitzgerald missed a 36-yard field goal with 1:44 left, but Kevin Knowles II passed Cunningham at Florida State 38 with 37 seconds left.


Friday’s game was a battle of attrition, with Travis’ injury being the most notable injury. He left the game with just over four minutes left in the first half after being fired by Louisville defenseman Yaya Diaby, who grabbed Travis’ legs during the game.

Travis left the field with his sneakers and went under the stadium. In the second half, he was on the touchline with crutches and a boot.

Prior to the injury, Travis, who started his college career in Louisville, got off to a strong start, throwing his first 11 passes. He finished with 157 yards, two points and a pick on 13 of 17 passes.

Norvell said the team will evaluate Travis when the Seminoles return to Tallahassee.


Florida State: Losing Travis for a while could be a big blow to the Seminoles. However, at least on Friday night, Roedemaker’s heroism was enough to spearhead a comeback.

Louisville: It might be hard to call the third game of the season a must-win, but given the way the Cardinals’ season has started, Friday’s game was one they really needed. The defense that showed up in the second half of last week’s win over Central Florida didn’t show up when needed in Friday’s second half.


Florida State returns home for Saturday night’s prime time game against Boston College.

Louisville hosts South Florida next Saturday afternoon.

BOULDER, CO – Coach from Colorado Carl Dorrell formulate it only as obvious: his team should play better.

For now, that’s really all he had to offer other than share the disappointment of Buffalo, who started 0-3 for the first time since 2012.

With a 128-30 lead, the program fell to the point where the director of athletics Rick George found it necessary to admit in a statement that the Baivols had become disillusioned with watching this fall. That, indeed, “you all deserve better results,” he said.

The heat has steadily intensified for Dorrell, who is in his third season since taking over when Mel Tucker ran for Michigan in early 2020. But Dorrell kept emphasizing the same mantra on Monday – you need to start better (for two straight weeks the offense has failed to start the game). Need to figure it out better. You need to learn how to win.

“We have to play better football,” Dorrell said as Buffalo prepare to host UCLA 3-0 this weekend at Folsom Field. “We are able to play the best football. We can be the team we all imagine ourselves to be. But we need to solve some problems and fix them.”

Since last season, Dorrell has seen about two dozen players leave through the transfer portal. including the receiver Brenden Rice is the son of Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, who moved to Southern California.

After an exodus that included several starters, the Buffalo faced a difficult no-conference schedule. They lost at home to TCU 38-13 in the first game, followed by road losses to Air Force (41-10) and Minnesota (49-7). For the first time in program history, Buffalo started the season with three consecutive losses of 25 points or more, according to Pac-12 research.

Ahead of the Pac-12 schedule, in which Colorado will not be the favorite in any game.

The numbers show why: they currently rank 127th in the nation in defensive scoring (42.7 points per game) and tied for 129th in offensive scoring (10). They are almost at the very bottom in both attack and defense.

“We’re not where we want to be and that’s obvious, but I’ll say we feel like a brotherhood no matter what happens.” – Sr. Security Isaiah Lewis said. “We’re not going to stop.”

On Sunday evening, George released a status statement on the program, which has achieved more than five wins just once (10 in 2016) since joining Pac-12 in 2011.

“I recognize and understand your frustration, annoyance and perhaps even anger,” said George. “This season we are no closer to meeting our expectations and we admit it. I know that Coach Dorrell, our coaching and support staff, and our student athletes are working hard to get us on the right track, and with the conference game starting this Saturday, we hope we can all enjoy a home win over University of California at Los Angeles.”

Disappointment can be heard through the cheers on Saturday if Buffalo starts slow against a 21-point Bruins team. Maybe even through absenteeism.

“We are all we have,” Lewis said. “We need support and we appreciate it, but if you don’t have it, it’s okay. We will rely on ourselves and rely on our brothers.”

Dorrell attempted to revamp the offense after a 4–8 season by adding several new coaches, including offensive coordinator Mike Sanford. But this did not help bring the team out of the offensive rut.

Brandon Lewis, last season’s starter, was center in the first match against TCU. But he was breaking out, opening the door for transmission JT Schrutewho also failed to consistently incite crime.

To come in Owen McKeown, son of longtime NFL quarterback Josh McCown. The freshman was posted late in Minnesota and went 4 of 7 for 52 yards. His short audition could turn into a big role.

“We’re at the point of attack where we’re trying to find that spark,” Dorrell said. “All of them are able to provide this for us, but have not yet done so. So that’s what we’re looking for.”

Dorrell understands the frustration. He is upset too.

“We’re not trying to do these things,” said Dorrell, who has two years left on his contract. “I know we can get better. I know we will be better.”

TEMPE, Arizona. State of Arizona terminated Herm Edwards experiment the day after the ugly loss of the house.

The Sun Devils are hoping this change will help them build a season with nine games left.

At the helm of this transition will be an acting coach Sean Aguanoformer ASU running back coach closely associated with Grand Canyon State football.

“This opportunity is, by and large, a dream come true for me, and all I can ask for is an opportunity,” Aguano said on Monday. “What I can do with this opportunity in the next nine games is try to present a product that the Sun Devil Nation is proud of, and I will do my best.”

Arizona State took a chance by hiring Edwards in 2017, handing over the reins to a former NFL coach who had spent the previous nine years in the TV studio and out of college for 33 years.

Edwards avoided being fired last season despite some questionable losses and a pending NCAA investigation into alleged hiring violations. When it became clear Edwards wasn’t going to change the program fast enough, athletic director Ray Anderson fired him on Sunday, less than 24 hours after a disappointing 30-21 home loss to Eastern Michigan.

Anderson expressed optimism that the season could be salvaged even if Utah, No. 7, and Washington, No. 18 were next on the schedule.

Aguano will steer in challenging waters.

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