Ross passes to Landale for two points – ESPN Video

0:18 Giddy confidently completes the loss. Josh Giddy remains alone on the court, scoring an easy basket. fouled on disappearance due to u-1 Devin Booker is fouled on his jump shot and heads to the free throw line. Ross passes to Landale for two points. Terrence Ross connects with Jock Landale in a pick and roll draw. excellent interception defense Lugenz Dort excellent interception defense1h0:22 Devin Booker gets fouled on a disappearance and-1 Devin Booker gets fouled on a jump shot and goes to the free throw line.1h0:16 Chris Paul receives the ball and-1 to goChris Paul sinks an early plus f oul for the Suns.2h0:16 Bobby Portis is in a frenzy after finishing and-1 as the Bucks manage the Heat despite Giannis early departure4h0:21 Giannis walks off the court with a knee injury3h0:43 Bobby Portis drops the dunk 3h0:24 Giannis walks off court with knee injury 3h0:43 Bobby Portis cleans up patback dunk 3h0:24 Russell Westbrook takes his first Clippers basket 36min0:21 How did Kenyon Martin Jr do it?11min0:27 Steven A wouldn’t be shocked if Clippers reach NBA Finals 4-1: 11 Lowe’s 10 things: Los Angeles’ bet on Westbrook, Chicago’s botched offense and high-five meaning and what could happen if Philadelphia stumbles again. 16hZack Lowe.


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