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Sasaki debuts with Guevara and García on the podium

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Ayumu Sasaki achieved victory in Moto3 in Assen. He debuted as a winner in his 99th career. He gave the win to his boss Max Biaggi for his birthday.

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Conditions improved as the morning progressed. lucia the sun Between the clouds. It was 20 degrees in the environment and 27 on the asphalt.

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At the start, Suzuki won the game over Sasaki. So did Muñoz, who was second. Garcia came back. From 18th to 11th in the first sector and tenth in the first step through the finish line.

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Sasaki and Guevara quickly recovered. Adrián Fernández and Masiá had also grown a lot in the first round.

Izan gave the Japanese the first big ax at the entrance of the chicane. Escape risk for the rest. Suzuki saw it and quickly passed Sasaki and Muñoz.

The Balearic could not take meters, but was reducing the group. Garcia kept making progress. Bartolini and Ogden fell down. Tatay completed his two steps through the ‘Long Lap’ area and was far behind.

Dennis Foggia was penalized with going through that area to cut the chicane. He did and lowered the group behind.

Guevara did not give up his efforts and the Japanese fought each other. Ahead, they stayed: Guevara, Suzuki, Sasaki, Muñoz and Masiá. The leader Sergio García Dols was desperate to see how they were leaving him. Migno and Ortolá also had to go through the ‘Long Lap’.

McPhee he began to lead the chase. Artigas stuck to him well, while Sergio struggled to follow them. Foggia was advancing in the group and was placed behind the man from Castellón.

The ‘arreón’ of the British worked and the four joined the leading ones. The pace was very high, as the Scotsman, in the race, allowed himself to beat the absolute track record.

Muñoz lost some place after a touch with Foggia, but reacted at the moment. What a mess.

In the absence of five Foggia if caía at turn 2. He paralleled Muñoz, who won the inside and Dennis must have gone on the outside, he stepped on the kerbing and when he came back he lost his balance and kissed the asphalt. A stick for the World Cup for him.

Izan did not change his strategy, was not allowed to pass to study the rest, who were fighting. Muñoz had a scare and dropped seats.

Subtracting three, finally, Sasaki overtook Guevara. Izan, as soon as he could, passed him again.

Ayumu was stung and there were several overtaking between the two. what a fight At the start of the last lap, Sasaki passed first, with Suzuki second and Masiá passed Guevara. Muñoz He overtook Izan, but David fell, running over Masiá. In the same curve McPhee had an accident. The Sevillian will be penalized.

Adrian Fernandez He also had an incident with Kelso, who flew into a serious blow.

Guevara overtook Suzuki, but stepped on the green zone. He was not punished. García could with Suzuki on the straight and finished on the podium and will continue as leader with 13 points of rent over his teammate.


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