Scott Coker unsure on Dillon Danis’ Bellator future: ‘Sometimes, I don’t hear from him for months’

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Dillon Danis remains in question for Bellator President Scott Cocker.

It’s been more than three years since preeminent jiu-jitsu and grappling coach Conor McGregor stepped into the cage, and Cocker isn’t sure if he’ll ever return.

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“Dillon is a guy we had high hopes for,” Cocker said at a press conference after the Bellator 285 tournament in Dublin.

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Cocker’s use of the past tense is a good indicator of where Bellator is after many bouts. Knee injuries have sent Denis to the sidelines, and he’s gained a lot more attention over the past few years due to his feuds with fighters and industry veterans.

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In February, Cocker welcomed the idea of ​​putting Denis on the map in Ireland, where he is expected to gain support from a community where he has connections due to his relationship with McGregor.

Seven months later, the Bellator president hasn’t come close to reserving Danis.

“He’s a super talented jiu-jitsu fighter, but he has to stay active and he has to want to come back,” Cocker said. “He calls me, wants to come back, and then sometimes I don’t hear from him for months. If he’s really serious about coming back, we definitely have a place for him and we’ll definitely give him the opportunity.”

Whatever support Denis lacks from fans, he more than makes up for it with haters who hate his personality and want him to fail. For that matter, they had enough ammunition after his arrest on charges of disorderly conduct.

In the cage, Danis is 2-0, and behind him is a large camp. However, until he fights, Cocker’s hands are tied.

Check out Cocker’s interview after Bellator Dublin, which took place last Friday at 3Arena. Full video above.


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