Porter Moser just received an important part of his efforts to rebuild Oklahoma’s program.

Kaden Cooper, the 56th prospect in the national class, announced its commitment to the Sooners on Saturday afternoon. He chose Oklahoma from the final five, which also included Alabama, Kansas, Gonzaga, and LSU.

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The Oklahoma native’s decision brings him back to his home state after playing high school basketball at the Skill Factory in Georgia.

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His commitment is important to Moser and his staff for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the fact that he can be a key building block both because of his ability to make an immediate impact and because of his vast untapped potential.

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Cooper’s return home, especially after they come face to face with several recruiters, gives Moser and his staff a significant boost on the local recruiting path.

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The Cooper is a long sporty wing with wide shoulders and a shortened frame that catches the eye at first sight. He is a very tall, explosive jumper, with a powerful lower body and torso.

He is dangerous because he makes big transition moves, and his explosive finishing moves can instantly change the course of the game. He prides himself on the defensive end of the floor and has a chance to become one of the best defenders in the national class.

His skill set is under development, but he is moving in the right direction. He only shot 29% from the 3-point line in Adidas play, but he has some long-term shooting potential, as evidenced by his 73% on the free throw line. Mechanically, he throws a light ball with little natural decay and left shoulder droop, which can affect his balance when shooting. His grip is tight enough to make occasional combination moves, but his ability to combine this with hard finishing and overall ball safety (34 passes vs. 50 passes) needs further improvement.

Lastly, he must ensure that his engine is always running at full capacity in order to maximize his physical abilities, regardless of the stage or stakes of any particular game.

Ultimately, although Cooper is older for his class (he turned 18 in May), he is nonetheless a prospect with clear untapped potential and a high long-term ceiling if he can continue on the same path. which he installed this year.

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Cooper joins Jacob Cole, No. 88 in Top247, in the current Sooners recruiting class. They follow Otega Ove as well as Milos Uzan from last year’s class to give Moser four of the top 100 high school prospects in the past two years.

All four of these players are not only talented, but also multi-positional and able to thrive on both ends of the floor, which is a must under Moser.

Prior to coming to Oklahoma, Moser’s Loyola Chicago program was ranked #2 for best defense in college basketball for the 2020–21 season. Oklahoma was 38th overall last year but is already trending towards the start of the 2022-23 season.

The group also continues to improve Oklahoma’s collective athleticism, a major focus of the program as they prepare to move to the SEC.

Ultimately, it is a commitment that resonates on multiple levels. This brings a high-end Oklahoma product home and gives the program a notable recruiting win. It also continues to add to the foundation that is being built with multi-position two-way players with an athletic edge.