Notre Dame received its third class of 2023 commitment on Tuesday afternoon when Bixby High School and four-star guard KC Run GMC Parker Friedrichsen announced his decision live on 247 Sports Channel.

The four-star defender is currently ranked 102nd in the national class. He was initially committed to the state of Oklahoma, but ultimately preferred Notre Dame to a group of finalists that included Nebraska and Davidson.

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Friedrichsen joins Marcus Burton as well as Brady Dunlap in the Notre Dame class to date.

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Friedrichsen is one of the most experienced shooters in the national class, capable of doing a wide variety of shots. He is reliable when catching or dribbling. He has a deep range and even leans back a little to make it easier to hit. What really sets him apart is his ability to break away from screens. He’s the kind of shooter you can play as on the half court, and that’s exactly what KC Run GMC has been doing for most of the spring and summer. Friedrichsen breaks away from the screens with great speed, adjusting to his feet in a hurry, but also has a quick reaction in terms of recognizing when to attack bad closes and put the ball on the floor. While his three-point range is his primary offensive weapon, he is deceptively versatile in terms of scoring. He knows how to throw on the ring, and his repertoire includes both difficult pull-ups and floating balls in the middle distance. He is also one of the best free throwers in the country, hitting 92% during UAA play.

Friedrichsen’s untapped potential will be in building his body. Although he has a solid positional size in the backcourt at 6’3″, he usually plays below the rim and has a relatively lean build. The increased explosiveness and physical strength will only add to his underrated offensive versatility, but can have an even greater impact on the defensive side of the floor, which is likely to be the biggest change for him as he moves to the next level.


Mike Bray’s programs have always prioritized skills and IQ. They like to have as many three-point shots on the floor as possible to maximize floor space. Statistically, however, Bray’s teams are even more famous for their ability to take care of the ball. In fact, they have finished in the 90th percentile of all D1 programs in terms of turnover percentage in each of the last eight seasons, including a four-year run from 2016-17 to 2019-20 when they were among the top 10 programs in the country. In other words, IQ is just as important as being able to shoot, and Friedrichsen notes both.

Notre Dame’s defense has never focused on forcing passes, but they influence the ball towards the touchline and “down” the balls to have clear turns from the weak side of the court. At the same time, they pride themselves on not fouling. In fact, they have finished in the top two in the country in this area in three of the last four seasons. This type of system should help hide some of Friedrichsen’s limitations, as he won’t be asked to overstretch himself, but will instead be able to make up for what he lacks in sheer foot speed, positioning, and awareness.

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This is undoubtedly a big hiring cycle for Notre Dame as they will have to replace six graduate students on this year’s roster. One of them is a starting quarterback Cormac Ryan, whom Friedrichsen resembles in his shooting and general ball skills. While he will have a chance to fight for some of those minutes right now, there could be an even bigger hole in the backcourt. Jay Jay Starling attract the attention of the NBA after the first season.

With as many as seven potential scholarships to fill, Notre Dame is off to a good start on its recruiting journey, with Friedrichsen and Dunlap providing good systematic matches, while Burton could be a threat to playmakers at the lead quarterback position. The Irish continue to fight for Elmarco Jackson and are expected to become big players in the transfer market again this season.

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