For the second day in a row, Ohio State took an elite spot in the 2023 class as the 247Sports Composite five-star wide receiver was admitted on Tuesday. Brandon Inniss to the Buckeyes. Fort Lauderdale (FL) American Heritage announced for Ohio State the day after IMG Academy’s Bradenton (FL). Carnell Tatefive-star receiver 247Sports Composite.

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Both are in the top three in the country. Inniss is in the top 20 in the Composite and Top247 rankings, placing him in 2nd and 3rd respectively in his position in the 2023 class.

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At 6 feet tall and weighing 190 pounds, Inniss has competed at the varsity level since eighth grade. Inniss, who also played basketball during his high school career, had nearly 1,000 offensive yards and 10 touchdowns as a sophomore at Miami Gardens (FL) TRU Prep in the fall of 2020 before being forced to quarterback duties as a junior at American heritage. in 2021. In this junior campaign, Inniss amassed 1,253 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns.

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In addition to the impressive functional athleticism and positional skills that Inniss has shown on the pitch over the past few years, he has repeatedly shown dominance on the 7v7 stage, often in front of the 247Sports staff. Of all the impressive traits that Inniss possesses, his competitive fire becomes his hallmark again and again.

Regarding this aforementioned position-specific skill, Inniss exhibits excellent surprise in short sections and a sense of trail running. His close-quarters explosiveness contributes to consistent breakaways in short-to-medium passing play, while his on-field speed provides the ability to stretch the field in vertical play. Here’s more info from 247Sports National Team on Ohio State’s outstanding addition:

Cooper Petagna, 247, national sports analyst:”In the whole country, there cannot be a player with a higher floor than Brandon Inniss. After seeing him compete live and in person at the start of the new year, it’s clear that Inniss is one of the most college-ready prospects in the class, regardless of position. Inniss has one of the most physical playing styles of any receiver in this position, demonstrating strong hands at the trap point and an ability to play through contact. In terms of location, Inniss falls under the “Dawg” category and will instantly improve the reception room. “

Chris Singletary, 247Sports National Analyst:”Innis is a plug-and-play player for me. I like his skill set and overall ability. When you see him in person, you see a potential client who is ready to step in and compete. He is an instinctive player who adjusts his routes on the fly to be a reliable quarterback option. You can see that he has a passion for the game and natural leadership qualities.”

Andrew Ivins, analyst at 247Sports Southeast:”Simply one of my favorite prospects not only in the class of 2023 but since I started at 247Sports six years ago. He’s just a real alpha who hates to lose. I never think he’s going to be a sub 4.4 guy and he’s not going to surprise anyone with his length, but he just finds ways to produce again and again at key moments. I think the only aspect of his game where he’s really improved over the last year or so is his ability to gain yards after a catch, and that’s only going to make him even more valuable on Sundays. He will obviously need to adjust to the speed and physicality of the college game while avoiding any major setbacks, but it’s hard not to imagine him catching 50-60 balls in a season for the Buckeyes.


Possibly the most famous prospect in the class of 2023. Rushed onto the stage as an eighth grader in South Florida and never left, receiving praise after praise.

Listed as a wide receiver and will probably get paid to catch passes one day, but he can also just be called an alpha as he is a man who absolutely hates to lose and will do whatever it takes to win. It has evolved over the years as a wide receiver and seems to have established itself as a game-changing internal receiver that can handle all the different route tree numbers.

Shoots purposefully from his stance and can create lead with his quick feet, sharp kicks, and fake head movements. Confident and likes to attack the ball by catching it in the air. He has made significant progress as a ball carrier and could turn into a YAC machine at the next level as he is not afraid to drop his shoulder pad and punch through defenders.

This newfound fitness may have been a by-product of an unconventional junior season in which he was forced to play as a quarterback due to injury and ended up rushing for over 300 yards. There will likely never be a guy who breaks a 4.4 on lasers in the 40 yard snatch but has performed well in other divisions (4.26 on a short shuttle coupled with a 31″ vert) and should only continue to improve on the long distances. speed.

He always seems to be at his best and has played some of his best games against national leaders such as Saint Thomas Aquinas and IMG Academy. One of the most college-ready high school graduates in recent memory, given his physique (appearing to be around 195 pounds) and competitive temperament.

It likely won’t take him too long to get his bearings, and he should seek out playing time in his first year on campus if he can stay healthy. Has all-conference potential and a Day 1 or Day 2 advantage when it comes to the NFL Draft as most modern spreaders are hungry for guys who can turn a slant or swing pass into a big win. — Andrew Ivins, analyst at 247Sports Southeast