SANTA CLARA, California. With Russell Wilson gone and replaced by Jeno Smith, the Seattle Seahawks are trying to get back to what Pete Carroll sees as the perfect winning formula: relying on a solid defense and a strong, rushing offense while asking their quarterback. manage games more than win them yourself.

In that sense, they got an idea of ​​what kind of team they want to be on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in the NFC West’s first game against the San Francisco 49ers.

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And in a 1-1 loss in a 27-7 loss to division rivals, the Seahawks also saw the reality of how, with their limited quarterback options and a defense that had already lost one of its best defensive players, Jamal Adams, will be easier said than done in 2022.

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Six days after their season-opening victory over Wilson and the Denver Broncos, there was hope that this season might not be as exhausting as most observers predicted. it may very well be.

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“What a distance from one week to the next,” Carroll said after the game. “The league just reminds you of how you get humiliated.”

On Sunday, the Seahawks defeated the 49ers in 16 of their last 19 meetings during the 2013 Super Bowl season, including that year’s NFC Championship Game. They have won eight of the 10 meetings since Kyle Shanahan took over as 49ers head coach in 2017. But all of that dominance came from Wilson, and much of it came from supporting Legion of Boom. As promising as their young core may seem, the Seahawks no longer have an elite quarterback or the all-time great defenseman, a reality that was fully revealed on Sunday.

In continuing their struggle to stop a run last week against Denver, the Seahawks conceded 189 yards towards San Francisco. According to Sportzshala statistics and information, 113 of them were made after first contact, the most in a game for the 49ers since Sportzshala began tracking video in 2009. Deebo Samuel had 52 yards after first contact when he slipped. fought off a loss by outside linebacker Darrell Taylor in the backfield to rush for 51 yards to help San Francisco take a 6-0 lead.

“We laid enough eggs today that we stopped running,” midfielder Jordin Brooks said. “Did bad. Removed bad blocks.

They also didn’t communicate well during poor coverage that resulted in a 38-yard touchdown pass to wide-open tight end Ross Dwelly from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who took over when Trey Lance injured his right ankle in the first quarter. When the Seahawks jammed the ball in the second quarter, the 49ers took the lead with a short field and scored another touchdown to take the score to 20-0, a big deficit that the Seattle offense could not overcome.

Smith wasn’t the main offense on Sunday, completing 24 of 30 attempts for 197 yards. But he threw an interception on a dangerous shot through the center into a double cover and on another occasion put the ball in a dangerous position. Seattle got a good 8-yard run from rookie Kenneth Walker III on his first NFL carry, but not much more on the ground. According to Sportzshala Stats & Information, their 36 yards (on 14 tries) was the sixth most in a regular season game under Carroll.

“We didn’t do anything we wanted to do outside the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball today,” Carroll said. “We had 10 penalties, they had one. We had three transmissions, they had none. It was just very difficult to win this football match today, as we did.”

With the Seahawks only scoring points thanks to a blocked field goal from Tarik Wulen that fellow defenseman Michael Jackson returned for a touchdown in the third quarter, their offense is now missing six straight quarters.

“It’s the start of the season and I feel like we’ll eventually start,” Rashaad Penny, running back, said. “Definitely a humiliating loss though, of course.”

As Carroll admitted after the game, they also had one unfortunate coaching decision on their list of what went wrong. The Seahawks were able to break out of a 13-0 lead by the 49ers in the second quarter when the gimmick ended in disaster with running back DJ Dallas intercepting the ball in the end zone from a direct pass from Walker, who was the quarterback. in a game in which four running backs were in the backfield.

After the pass, Dallas had a pass opportunity in what the Seahawks call the SportsCenter, and he thought the 49ers guard DK Metcalfe was going to trust him, so he raised to throw. But the defender went astray, and Dallas did not have time to hit the ball in time.

Carroll regretted not calling a timeout when he saw the unfavorable look until it clicked.

“It was a really cool game to answer and try, but it takes a lot,” he said. “In this situation, I would just like to get us out of it.”

It’s fair to wonder if the Seahawks were emotionally hungover, given all the hype leading up to their first matchup against Wilson and the Broncos, the thrilling conclusion to that win and having one less day to flush it out of their system.

“I’m not sure,” defenseman Couandre Diggs, Seattle’s defensive captain, said. “If that were the case, this league will quickly humiliate you. We were humiliated today. That’s just part of it. I don’t see why we could ride high. The hype anyway. Obviously we’re not that good.”