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Serena Williams ‘evolving away’ means no work before 10 a.m.

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Serena Williams’ ‘evolution’ means no work until 10am originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

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For the first time, Serena Williams will be marching to her own drum as she says goodbye to her legendary tennis career.

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Williams said on Monday that part of the “exploration of her freedom” was a policy of not working before 10 a.m. The 40-year-old woman presented her clothing line. S from Serena and jewelry line Serena Williams Jewelry at Spring Studios in New York.

“The thing is, I don’t usually like to work until 10,” Williams said. “In fact, this is the first day I’ve woken up before 10.”

The presentation took place at the grand opening Glam Slam event, a collaboration between Spring Studios and IMG that began on September 8th. The experience was a mixture of tennis and fashion, with most celebrations taking place during New York Fashion Week and the US Open. The Grand Slam tennis tournament ended on Sunday, and NYFW will continue until Wednesday, September 14th.

“All I did was literally work all my life,” Williams added. “In fact, this is the first day that I woke up before 10. [since retirement]”.

Williams announced that she “evolution” from tennis in August and said that the continuation of the creation of her family had a lot to do with this decision. She also said that she would like to explore her other hobbies.

“I’ve been into fashion for so long,” Williams said. “Most of my line is about tennis and I’ve never been able to fully focus on the things I’m so passionate about.”

In fact, Williams attended Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale studied fashion design from 2000 to 2003 before creating her own label, S by Serena.

Williams said her lines are designed to help people “love themselves, inspire themselves, and indulge themselves,” something the tennis legend has been unable to do lately.

“I haven’t been treating myself lately,” Williams said. “If you are a mom, you are so busy… there are so many things that don’t matter anymore. I’m still in it like I don’t need anything, which is why even people like me always forget to take care of me and themselves.”

Attended a fashion event her daughter Olympiawho wore the same heart-shaped necklace as her mother.

Williams reflection of a delightful moment what the duo experienced while discussing how she comes up with the design of her clothes.

“Sometimes I say: “Which color do you like better? Which dress do you like best? and she will say, “That’s the one!” Williams recalled. “I’m not sure if she’s pointing one of them to play games after that, or if she’s serious.”

Olympia, who was sitting on her aunt Isha Williams’ lap, turned and closed her eyes to express her embarrassment and shyness at the moment.

Williams competed in the last US Open of her career, reaching the third round. lost to Australian Ayla Tomlyanovic.


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