Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Is Basically Himmy Buffett

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Ladies and gentlemen, 47th President of the United States of America, Himmy Carter.

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Another angle because it’s worth it.

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It was the 40th, 41st and 42nd points of the night for the new prez and the latest example of Himbo Slice’s recent rise to superstardom. So much sauce. He leveled up. He glows.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, with a flamboyant taste and style for days, is one of the most unique scorers in recent memory. Like a ball carrier, he makes his moves between shots. Keeps his footage silky and distorted, the patron saint of slowdown, speeds up and slows down the frame rate on his drives, then uses his length to aim for daylight and finish in style. Gladly aim at the defender’s thigh and make straight line brings to a cup, or take more picturesque routes. Himoti Oliphant enjoys a good paddock, making noise on serpentine roads. He has the entire range of Euro steps at his disposal and can deploy them in an instant. In the crowd, he will turn into a ghost, turn the defenders into twisted eights. The handle is deceptively tight and it gets slippery on demand. Male luxury supplier fluctuations. guarding him it’s like trying Shake hands with a tornado.

energy and starting numbers are stellar: 31.1 points per game, about 6 assists and 4.6 rebounds. Splits are equally beautiful. He dimples without the ball: 53.4 percent from the field, 40.9 percent from three-point range, 90.7 percent from the line. Let him get to his place on the middle frequency and this is a wrapper. he beats [cups hands] 72.5 percent at the rim, 51.3 percent from 10-16 feet, and 52.2 percent from 16 feet to the three-point line. He is fifth in points per game, win share, VORP and leading the league in conversion scoring, discs and shirtless trips to the grocery store. His confidence is growing on both sides, and his protection maybe even took bigger jump than his resentment. he is in 1.4 blocks per game and 1.8 steals. Himmy Buffett locked up creating havoc on the in ball as well as in lanes. This is All-NBA behavior. Bag the size of Tokyo. Thunder will have to start the journey with an additional plane. If you make the company you make, Gilgeous-Alexander is easily in the top 10 players this year and has a case for the top 5. And then there’s his work in the alley.

You’re more likely to keep the Buffalo out of the snow than the SGA out of the paint. (Only Luka and Jah are more prolific there.) So far this season, he’s built vacation homes on the lanes of every arena he’s played in. Baroque, chic excavations. Luxuriously furnished and built for relaxation. Four grottoes, a bowling alley, two recording studios, a marble bust Nardwarchili, and Reba Number, Time Crisis 3and SKTV– thematic loggia overlooking the botanical garden. Each door has a neon sign that says WELCOME TO THE DISCO, and the closet is a replica of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors.

What you need to understand in trying to defend this new iteration of Gilgeous-Alexander is that it might seem almost impossible. Teams that pride themselves on not doubling have realized that they have no choice. Put two on the ball or die. His intermediate game nails. He has float worker, and wide lots of from to pullUPSand gets into rim in will. This is the ultimate creation on the ball. He can finish through contact with or hand and he can do it as long as hitting the deck and without looking. The shaking and jiggling takes center stage – his cha-cha is very fluid no doubt – but now his movements are more consistent. Where it used to happen once or twice a game, he drops defenders now regularly.

3s were not completely eliminated from his diet, but he was selective. It makes sense to be. The damage it deals when it hits defenders in the teeth, settling for a bunch of trays, will let them off the hook. Footwork unapproachable. [Arby’s voice.] He has legs. [Arby’s voice.] He It has in heals. Supercharged Stretch-Armstrong finish. one-handed scoops cautiously moved away from the glass. The slopes fall out of the field after rotation. He treats the lane like a mirror in a crooked hall, stretching or shrinking depending on location, his dribbling time, stride length and movement, always disrupting the defender’s rhythms.

Jason Kidd once said to Luka Doncic:has its own speed limit“. The same can be said about Himmy Stewart. He is the ruler of the streets and cruising— goes as fast or as slow as he wants, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. He is chronically balanced, playing at his own pace and no one else’s. I never got nervous, I never rushed, I just moved the way the game and defense required. Gilges-Alexander does it with skill and skill, and he has a pair of legs that just won’t give up. Enters the lane and turns into some combination of Doc Ock and Baryshnikov. Filled in Yamaguchi. Triple axel and double lutz among the trees. It has high performance brakes: no matter how fast he moves, he can stop before you.

The defense is loaded to corner him, but it doesn’t matter. Show him the wall of bodies and he will show you all sorts of fundamental inconsistencies with the said barrier. It will show you holes and cracks, flaws in its design, areas the architect wobbled and missed, and areas the contractor cut corners. His Gaffigan playing is unusually resilient. The traditional, eye-popping kind of athleticism isn’t there in the way other stars have it – it’s more about flexibility, balance, and elite. touch.

The first step is the world level. He strides past enemies, using elongated strides to move through and around defenses. He has golden hamstrings and an elastic spine and uses his length as a weapon like Yannis Light. He plays with a big camber and keeps that ridiculous step even when the defense calls for him to go lower. There is a seemingly endless buffet of counters in his mind, and he has created a body for himself that can bend, bend, and tilt as he pleases. He moves in ways other players simply can’t, has infinite mobility when he appears to be fully stretched. Sometimes on his drives he looks like jaguar swimming. Something alien in motion, mesmerizingly fluid, unorthodox and flowing.

All statistics are current for Saturday games.


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