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Shaq calls Dennis Rodman the worst teammate he ever had Jordan Clarkson on potential trade: ‘I’m ready for whatever happens’ Canada reportedly to drop vaccine requirement at border Sept. 30 Wembanyama: being drafted by right franchise more important than going No.1 (but he’d like to be No.1 Celtics’ Robert Williams out 4-6 weeks, will miss preseason after having knee scoped

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Dennis Rodman is a Hall of Famer. He is a five-time NBA champion, arguably the best rebounder the game has ever seen, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, and a member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

Rodman is also the worst teammate Shaquille O’Neal has ever had.

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That’s what Shaq said on his Big podcast with Shaqwhen asked about his worst teammate, he didn’t hesitate to name Rodman (CBS Sports hat tip).

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“Worst teammate? Dennis Rodman, O’Neill said. “He was a great player, but he made life difficult for himself. Like when you’re trying to get guys together and people above you [are] letting this guy do whatever he wants. So we had to be there an hour before the game. He came fifteen minutes before the game and ate chicken and rice. While the coaches were talking, he jumped into the shower. Cold shower. Come in and give you 15-20 rebounds.”

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It tracks.

And Shaq and Rodman were teammates for just one season with the Lakers in 1998-99.

It’s pretty easy to see Rodman as a key player on the court and a destructive force off the court. Rodman was most successful on teams with strong coaches and locker room leaders—Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan in Chicago, Chuck Daley and Isaiah Thomas in Detroit—who could relatively keep him in check. Keep him focused on the task at hand, at least when it matters (the rest of the time, well…).

Many of Rodman’s teammates would probably have supported Shaq. Other former teammates of Rodman will look at the rings on their fingers and realize that without him they would not exist.

Danny Ainge and the Utah Jazz haven’t finished trading yet. Rudy Gobert located in Minnesota Donovan Mitchell is in Cleveland, and now all the other jazz veterans are in the shopping district: Bojan Bogdanovic, Mike Conley, Malik Beasley.

As well as Jordan Clarkson – who can be the first to trade. The Grizzlies, Bucks and Kings have been known to show interest.

Whatever happens Clarkson told Complex he was ready for it..

“Honestly, we’ll see. I’m ready for anything, no matter what happens. I’ve been in the league for nine years now. I’m kind of like a young veteran at this. So, in whatever direction the management, owners and team try to move, I am ready for it. If I’m in a different jersey in a week or tomorrow I get a phone call and I have to wear any jersey, I’m just trying to win and take any team to the next level to hopefully win the championship one day. This is my take on it. If I’m here in Utah, I want to win. I want to aim for the playoffs, try to put together a team that can win something.”

It’s the attitude of an NBA veteran who understands that this is a business and at times he can’t control it. The Jazz are going to trade him for a team that will give them back the best package of draft picks (probably a few seconds, though Ainge will push for a first round), and that could be anywhere. Clarkson will make $13.3 million this season and has a $14.3 million player option next season, which is a very good deal. The former sixth player of the year averaged 16 points per game last season and has a well-defined role as an NBA bench scorer — a role that would help multiple teams.

In an interviewClarkson also reached out to those Lakers fans who would rather — or at least wonder — what would happen if Los Angeles retained Clarkson’s core. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle and DeAngelo Russell together.

“I don’t think it will ever work if we are all there. [Laughs.] I think we were all stars in our own right. The fact that we split up and went along our own paths was a good change of scenery for everyone. I see tweets and all. It’s so funny to look back. I think the Lakers did a great job researching us, finding talent and giving us the opportunity to draft us. But if we were all on the same team, I don’t think it would ever work. We probably wouldn’t give them the championship or none of that, you know what I mean?”

The Lakers traded many of these players for the ground Anthony Daviswho was at the heart of the 2020 Lakers title.

Kyrie Irving will still be able to play games in Toronto this year.

Irving and other unvaccinated athletes, including Bradley Beal — were subject to a 14-day quarantine in accordance with the policy that applied to all visitors entering the country. However, Canada is about to drop its vaccine requirements. something reported by the Toronto Globe and Mail and confirmed, among others, by the Associated Press.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is due to sign this, but this is expected to happen.

While the impact of these policies on professional sports has been making headlines, airlines and other travel industries have been pushing for a change for some time.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving still considers herself an activist on the vaccination front and tweeted about it this week.

In a world with so many horrific examples of genocide, declaring vaccination to be the biggest violation of human rights in history seems desperately sad. More than 6.5 million people have died worldwide from COVID-19, and more than 1 million of them have occurred in the United States. The vaccine has proven to be largely safe and effective, and has saved lives.

Victor Wembanyama has no control over which NBA team he goes to training camp with in a year – that will determine the lottery ping-pong ball. The 7-foot-4 French prodigy is the clear No. 1 consensus at the top of the 2023 NBA draft boards and is considered a potential player of a generation.

But in a wise statement to the 18-year-old, he said that landing with the right franchise is more important to him than being #1, even though he would like to be picked first. From an interview with Uembanyama during the press session of the French Basketball League: courtesy of

“The most interesting thing is to always find an organization that will take care of the project and the player. So it’s better to be second, third or 20th in the draft if you have a better career after that,” he explained. “I…


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