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SoCal ’25 TE AJ Ia already a national recruit

Orange Lutheran (California) filled with young talent and sophomores Hey Jay Take it is a player already of great national interest.

The Lancers have a lot of talent in the 25th and 26th grades and Eeyore is a player we think will be one of the best players in the region. He’s all 6-5m pushing 6-6 and a lean 215lb with room to add some good weight.

“I want to try and get to 230 pounds by next season,” Iya said. “I’m working on my speed this off-season as well by running on the track and also playing volleyball.”

Eeyore said that he would be doing the 100m, 200m, long jump and triple jump and it would be interesting to see how long he could keep up.

He had a productive season as a sophomore, catching 24 balls for 362 yards and five touchdowns. His film is strong and he shows very good hands and ability to play on the pitch.

It tracks football well and has a huge capture radius. It has two more years to develop and its ceiling is very high.

In terms of recruitment, Eey has early scholarship offers from the states of Arizona, California, San Diego State, Tennessee, and Washington.

“I would like to visit all the schools that were offered to me,” said Iya. “I definitely want to go to ASU, Tennessee and Washington.

“I also want to camp with UCLA and USC if I can. I was at the UCLA vs Stanford game last year and had a really good time. I liked the atmosphere, the light show after the touchdowns, it was cool. USC is a school that I have always loved and have watched since I was little.”

Eeyore spoke more about his interest in ASU, Tennessee and Washington and how the number of offers has decreased.

ASU– “Coach Mons, I was proposed by the new TE coach. He’s a great dude and that was important to me because it was my first offer so it meant a lot. Coach Mons said he likes my height and knows I can grow to my physique. He wants to schedule weekly calls and I’m excited to build a relationship with him.”

Tennessee“The UT proposal was great because this is the SEC and I know what a great conference this is. I like their attack and the way they operate there. They came to my school after our season in January and when I heard what they offered me it was quite exciting. I heard the SEC is different, so hopefully I can visit.”

Washington– “With Washington, I talked with coach Inge and coach Sheridan. Coach Inge is the recruiter and Coach Sheridan is the technique coach, and I really like them both. Coach Sheridan said he wants to build a relationship not only with me but also with my family, so I know we’ll be talking a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Utah, Georgia and Alabama are a few other schools that Eeyore is interested in.

“Alabama was my dream school,” Eya said. “It’s a powerful program every year. In Utah, I like the way they use the tight end and I really like their offense.

“Georgia is another school that uses the tight end very well and they clearly have a great program and they just won the national championship. It’s still early for me and I’m in no rush right now, so I’m looking forward to starting the hiring process and we’ll see how things go.”


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