Earlier this month, one of the top sophomore guards in the tri-state area received his first major offer. 6’4″ shooting guard from Summit High School (NJ) Miles Blackleyrecruitment reached new territory when he received an offer from Providence.

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“I think this is a great opportunity,” Blackley said of his latest offer. “I had a three-way conversation with the coach and my father. We were able to speak to the staff and they extended the offer. It was a revelation and a great feeling overall.”

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Brothers join Fairleigh Dickinson as well as Radford on Blakley’s suggestion sheet. He says coaches were intrigued by his age (he would finish school at 17) and his shooting skills.

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“They say they were intrigued by my ability to throw the ball,” Blakley says. “They also like that I’m younger than my class and have a lot of advantages.”

While coaches are impressed with his long jump and upside, those closest to Blackley cite his work ethic as the reason he attracted attention from the start.

“What makes him special is that he always comes to the gym with the idea that there is work to be done,” says his NY Rens basketball coach Markkenzie Guyot. “He is one of the youngest in the country at only 15 years old and is on the right track to keep developing his game.”

Blackley had already received three offers before starting his sophomore campaign. Blackley says his father is focused on recruiting him, while the game itself gets all of his undivided attention.

“I was at the gym every day,” Blakley says. “I am working on my athleticism. I want to get stronger, faster and more explosive.”

It will likely be a long time before Blackley makes his decision, but he says he is open to all options and happy to see things continue to evolve as he continues his high school career.