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South Carolina Preview 2022: Season Prediction, Breakdown, Key Games, Players

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South Carolina Gamecocks Preview 2022: Preview, predict and anticipate the South Carolina season with what you need to know and keys to the season.

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South Carolina Gamecocks Preview
Head Coach: Shane Beamer, 7-6, 2nd year in South Carolina.
Preview 2021: Total: 7-6, Conference: 3-5
Offense, Defense Break | Keys to the season
Season prediction what will happen
Top 10 South Carolina Players
South Carolina Schedule and Analysis

South Carolina Gamecocks 2022 Preview

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Do you see this?

It’s one of the hardest things in sports to notice, but if you look far away, far away, you can catch a glimpse.

It’s the SEC football fan base that actually seems…happy? Without winning the national championship?

Having gone 6-16 in total two years before breaking out in 2021, you can see why the Gamecock base is excited. That’s what happens when you have a good season that no one expected.

Those things were gone in the blink of an eye and, of course, South Carolina football fans will want a lot more from head coach Shane Beamer – losing 30-0 to Clemson will never be pleasant – but there are now real, reasonable expectations for the program and the team. which must be dangerous.

There’s a theory that there’s no better time to be a team sports fan than when it’s on the verge of being really good.

South Carolina is still building, and it won’t be easy with a nasty schedule that would bury most teams, but she’s got tons of experience, she’s got a good young head coach, and with the addition of Spencer Rattler, the controversy may have made it so no one outside of Denver The Broncos didn’t do more to improve the quarterback’s situation.

Is South Carolina going to beat Georgia? Almost certainly not, and it probably won’t beat Texas A&M or Clemson, but at least the team is good enough that losing any of those three games wouldn’t be crazy insane – it’s long away cry from where the program was last year at this time.

And this is the next step. In 2021, it was a crushing victory over Florida that came out of nowhere – along with North Carolina’s shock in the Mayo Duke Cup – and there should be another surprise or two this year, given how good those starting 22 should be.

The happy times of the SEC fans are fading when expectations start to get prohibitive, and it’s about to happen for South Carolina.

But for now, the fans have a team to work on over the next few months.

Offense, Defense Break | Keys to the season
Season prediction what will happen
Top 10 South Carolina Players
South Carolina Schedule and Analysis

South Carolina Gamecocks Preview 2022: Offense, Defense NEXT

South Carolina Gamecocks 2022 Preview: Assault

Crime is about to make the jump up. The game on the ground should have been much stronger, the chains were not moving easily enough, and there were A LOT of losses.

Still, even though O was 111th in the nation and only scoring 23 points per game, it all looked great in the victory over North Carolina, with ten starters back – lineup dependent – and in some of them there was a renewal of talents. skill locations.

Think of it this way. The Gamecocks have won seven games with rough offense, and now… beware. And why?

The Gamecocks have a star at quarterback. Spencer Rattler may not have been perfect in Oklahoma, but he’s a real, live NFL prospect with a brilliant deep hand and a drive to show the world that he’s ready to be everything he should have been last year.

South Carolina has a 70% passer who has thrown 40 touchdowns and 12 high-level picks – the quarterback’s play has just improved. 2021 Quarterback of the Year Luke Doty is No. 2 Capable.

The host housing will be fantastic. Josh Vann led the team with 43 catches, Duckereon Joyner and T.I. immediately become a factor.

The offensive line is loaded with veterans, but now it should be better. There’s size, depth, and talent, but it should give a boost to a running game that averages just 136 yards per game and 3.8 yards per carry. The Gamecocks threw in just nine touchdowns, six of which came in three separate games.

MarShon Lloyd is a good defender who needs to have room to move, while Juju McDowell is a speedster who needs the ball in space. Helping that cause is Wake Forest transfer Christian Beale-Smith, a four-year veteran who averaged 4.8 yards per carry with 1,871 yards and 14 touchdowns at his old gig.

South Carolina Gamecocks 2022 Preview: Defense

The defense might not have been Georgian, but it was enough to make up for the slack for the breach, which didn’t always start production. More than enough experience to expect at least the same success as last year.

He was sixth in the SEC with 356 yards and 24 points per game, and while he wasn’t good against a run or hitting the backfield, pass defense led the SEC and was seventh in the nation with 181 yards lost. for the game.

Pass-rush died in the second half of last year – but again won the cup – and the best player of the last few years left.

Kingsey Enagbare may be ready, but Zach Pickens is a great pass rusher who can get behind the line, and former Georgia State Panther Jordan Stachan is good enough on the edge to do more. There is depth to come up with a good spin inside and out.

The linebacker corps brings back Brad Johnson from the outside and Sherrod Green in the center. Johnson was second on the team with 74 tackles, and Green was second in 2018 with 73 tackles, but has been unlucky with injuries in the last few seasons.

#1 pass defense in the SEC will be good again. Of course the stats are a bit skewed because everyone was busy dribbling, but this group has been good since CB/Nickel Cam Smith picked three picks and interrupted 11 passes.

Leading playmaker Jaylan Foster retired from the safety net, but in her place is Central Michigan’s Devonnie Reed, a two-time All-MAC who will become a statistic star along with strong defenseman R. J. Roderick, who won 65 tackles.

South Carolina 2022 Preview
Keys to the season
Season prediction what will happen
Top 10 South Carolina Players
South Carolina Schedule and Analysis

South Carolina Gamecocks: Season Keys, Best Game, Best Transfer, Fun Stats NEXT

South Carolina Gamecocks: Season Keys, Best Game, Best Transfer, Fun Stats

Gamecocks of South Carolina: key to 2022 offense

Hit the stone… hit the stone…

Really, just be nice when the stone is being hit.

South Carolina has quarterback talent in Spencer Rattler and an amazing receiving body. It will be tempting to throw and keep throwing, and that’s okay – a running game doesn’t have to go 250 yards per game for the O to work.

However, it must be effective. Last season, he averaged just 3.8 yards per carry and only passed the four-yard mark three times.

One time the ground game went wild in Florida, one time it got out of control in North Carolina, and the third time was in the opener against East Illinois – all three were victorious.

From 2018 to 2020, the Gamecocks were hitting 4.5 yards per carry. Do it – and by the way, they need to cool off when they do it.

South Carolina Gamecocks: 2022 Defense Key

Just keep hitting the ball.

The pass rush wasn’t very good, there were times when fouls would eat up thirds like the M&M’s and everyone in the top 20 would walk away with points on the board.

But the South Carolina defense made up for a lot of problems here and there with a lot of deductions.

It was 24 for the year, and although they cooled off in the second half of the season, 14 in the first five games served as a warning to everyone else to be much more careful with the ball.

The conclusions didn’t always matter – USC lost to Georgia, Kentucky and Missouri, even though they had three conclusions in each game. However, the program is 2-20 over the last 22 games – given that it’s 2-1 over the last three – when it doesn’t offer multiple deductions.

South Carolina Gamecocks: Key Player of the 2022 Season

DE/LB Jordan Strachan Sr.;
We know he can do it. We know he can get out of line.

It takes too much to be the top player that Kingsley Enagbar has been for the last two seasons when it comes to getting on the field, but Strachan has the ability to be a force.

The 6-5, 250-pounder was hardly bad in his first year in South Carolina — he hit three sacks and six tackles to lose along with a good interception — but he didn’t skate as much as he did in his last season in Georgia. .

Veteran made 41 tackles with 9.5 sacks and 14 tackles for losing ten games in 2020 – Gamecocks could use what breaking out of it.

South Carolina Gamecocks: Key Handover

QB Spencer Rattler Jr.
He was a real, live Heisman candidate and the top prospect in Oklahoma before last season, and he wasn’t terrible. He just 1) struggled to move forward consistently and 2) wasn’t Caleb Williams.

It’s too much to say that he played like he had all the pressure of the world on his shoulders, but he wasn’t as strong as he was when he let it rip.

For all his faults and criticism in the OU, he is a talented passer with big hands who has thrown 39 touchdown passes in the last two seasons and has come close to 4,600 yards, Big 12 championships and the Cotton Bowl.

He was a great acquisition for Gamecocks.

South Carolina’s key game for the 2022 season

in Arkansas, September 10th.
So how real are you, 2022 South Carolina?

Arkansas will be asked the same question as it accepts Gamecocks to launch the SEC…


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