South Carolina uses 17-0 run to take lead at halftime – ESPN Video

1:09 Aaliyah Boston rushes back to block a chase Aaliyah Boston rushes across the court and blocks Sarah Puckett’s out of bounds attempt. 0.29 min 0:24 Jordan Horston takes the lead Jordan Horston of Tennessee runs onto the lane and uses the right for a sweet layup. with a 17-0 run. 1 min. 1:09 Alia Boston hurries back for a chase block. Jasmine Franklin needle for easy downtime. 29 min. 0:24 Jordan Horston picks up layup Jordan Horston of Tennessee enters the lane and uses the right for a sweet layup. Women’s Final Four? They once fought for relevance on their own campus. Now they are selling out the Assembly Hall. Indiana is having its best season and the Hoosiers are not done yet. Photo by VoepelAP/Darron Cummings


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