St. Francis Brooklyn leading scorer Tedrick Wilcox talks transfer portal

St. Francis Brooklyn’s top scorer Tedrick Wilcox Jr. has been busy since he entered his name into the transfer portal.

The 6’6″ senior guard was in the gantry for three days and received word from Clemson, Kansas, Elon, Campbell, Missouri, Wake Forest, Georgia, URI, Providence, Seton Hall, and others.

“Since I entered the portal, many schools have contacted me or my old coaches to contact me.”

“The whole process was pretty fun with getting calls back and forth, but it can be tiring going back to phone calls all day long. Despite all that, it’s exciting at the same time, because you see the opportunities that are opening up.”

“Most of the schools I talk to love alumni transfers and are looking for someone who can help make an immediate impact on winning.”

At this point, Wilcox does not have a timeline to make a decision, and so far he has had one detailed conversation with Seton Hall.

“I don’t have a specific date for the commitment, but it’s probably not a process where I want to be long.”

“It’s still early, but one of the deepest conversations I’ve ever had was with an assistant from Seton Hall,” he said. “He made sure to connect with me on a personal level as a man and build trust with his character.”

When Wilcox does make a decision, he knows what he will bring to the table and what he wants from his final college basketball season.

“With one year left, I want to make the most of this opportunity and give myself the best possible career opportunity in this game. I felt like I needed to be in a bigger place to do it.”

“When I make a decision, the school I choose gets experience and hard work. I am proud to live in the gym. I always want to get better and I’m just a dog. Every day I want to compete in training and training that will bring more competitiveness to help us get better.”


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