FOXBOROW, MA — Brief thoughts and notes on the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1. Patriot rates: Bill Belichick, as the coach of the Patriots, often said that the football season starts after Thanksgiving. His New England team will need to beat the visiting New York Jets on Sunday (1 pm ET, CBS) to ensure that’s the case this season.

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According to Sportzshala Analytics, the Patriots’ chance of making the playoffs drops to 8% if they lose. They will improve up to 30% with a win.

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The numbers reflect the urgency with which the players approached this week as they returned from their week 10 goodbye looking to improve on their 5-4 record.

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“The stakes are high, emotions will be high, competition will be high. There is a lot at stake,” said longtime captain Matthew Slater.

“This is a great time to make a good run,” said quarterback Mac Jones.

“Things are starting to get real,” added wide receiver Jacobi Meyers. “The end of the season is near. We all want to be in a good place.”

The Jets (6-3) have more margin for error than the Patriots, as well as the motivation to land a knockout blow on rival AFC East, whom they have not beaten in each of their last 13 meetings. According to Sportzshala Analytics, the Jets’ chances of making the playoffs jump to 87% when they win and drop to 59% when they lose.

One reason for the Patriots’ lower odds is their remaining schedule, which is considered one of the toughest in the NFL. Sunday’s game opens a potentially season-defining three games in 12 days, with a Thanksgiving road game against the Minnesota Vikings (8-1) followed by a Thursday night home game against the Buffalo Bills (6-3).

Most Patriots players avoided any mention of what lay ahead of them, only wanting to talk about JETS, Jets, Jets.

“When you start thinking down the line or thinking about the big picture, everything gets lost in the water,” linebacker/captain Ja’Von Bentley said.

Longtime captain David Andrews echoed similar remarks before adding: “We have a clean slate. These last 8-9 weeks we can define what it is or what it looks like.”

2. Windy forecast: One of the reasons the Patriots practiced at Gillette Stadium on a cold Friday (40 degrees) was to give kicking players such as new player Michael Palardi and punt returner Marcus Jones, a simulation of how the wind could affect Sunday’s game. game against the Jets. Forecasters predict wind gusts up to 20 m/s.

Jones, who was born in Enterprise, Alabama and played college in Houston, was considering a road game at UCLA last November when conditions were similar. “The main thing is just to know the nature of the wind. Sometimes there will be strong winds at altitude, but where you are, the wind will be weak,” he said.

3. Building effect: According to special teams coordinator Cameron Achord and Belichick, the ongoing construction of the Patriots in the southern end zone, which will span that side of the stadium when completed in 2023, has changed the stadium’s wind patterns. Akord said that he kept detailed records for each day (even in practice) and transmitted: “This was not a real sample. It changes every week so you really rely on how you feel on game day.”

4. Rosie View: Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin tries to keep an eye on the team every week, and naturally, his eyes are fixed on his old position. “[Matthew] Judon kills him,” he said of the NFL’s 11.5 sack leader. “Not much help from the other side, but they are creative with rushes mixed with inside midfielders. Looks like he’s more into Willie [McGinest]Role in style compared to mine where I would throw more [in coverage]”.

5. Conservative BB: Teams are looking for fourth down almost as often as they used to be, but Bill Belichick doesn’t share the trend. There were 399 games played this season in which teams went for it, the second-highest 10-week total since 2000. – a season since Belichick became their coach in 2000.

6. Boyfriend Tank Top: Defensive tackle Lawrence Guy is in his sixth season with the Patriots, and what makes this season so special for his family is the switch he made on the back of his jersey. It is no longer read as “Guy”, but instead as “Boy Senior”. — a reference to his 3-year-old son Lawrence. “I felt like I didn’t respect him,” he said. “I tried to do this last year, but it is a complicated process that takes a couple of months after the birth certificate is submitted. He was approved just in time – if you look at the pre-season, he was not there, but in the season he was. This should honor him and his name.”

7. Winter is coming: Rookie running back Kevin Harris, a sixth-round pick from South Carolina, walked out of the locker room last week with a snow broom and ice scraper. When asked if he had ever used one before, he shook his head, smiled and said, “I need it now.” It was a reminder that freezing temperatures were hitting New England, which could come as something of a shock to newcomers like Harris, who grew up in Hinesville, Georgia.

8. The Future of Cardona: Joe Cardona has been a visionary player for the Patriots ever since the team selected him in the fifth round of the 2015 draft. vote. Cardona, who has a year of his contract expiring, told Sports Illustrated that he would also like his position to be more respected at the negotiating table, which could portend how he plans to move closer to his upcoming free agency.

9. Start Patten: The son of the late Patriots receiver David Patten, Daquan is now following in his footsteps after signing with the Albany Empire of the Arena Football League on Friday. It’s a decision close to home as David, who tragically died in a motorcycle accident in September 2021, began his professional career with the Albany Firebirds in 1996 before breaking into the NFL with the Giants the following year. It would be a dream football scenario for Daquan too.

10. Did you know? The Patriots’ 13 straight wins over the Jets is the longest active streak in the NFL, with the Chiefs winning 13 straight games over the Broncos. The streak is the second longest in Patriots franchise history, second only to a 15-game winning streak over the Bills in the 2003–10 season.