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Stephen Curry admits he wanted to shut up the haters with his fourth championship: ‘I hear all the narratives’

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Despite all that Stephen Curry has accomplished in his Hall of Fame career, this fourth title, which he and his Golden State Warriors have just won, is, in Steve Kerr’s words, his “crowning achievement.”

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It’s hard to argue. It wasn’t a super team. Curry supported this team in every conceivable way, and in doing so, one would think that he had finally put an end to any doubts that still existed about his place among the greats of all time.

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We’ve all heard the stories. Curry only won in 2015 because Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were injured. Then he missed the score 3-1. He then needed Kevin Durant for the next two titles. All of these statements are false. Absolute trash. But they were there, and Curry listened to them. Leaving the court on Thursday, he admitted that it’s nice to shut up critics.

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“I hear all the stories,” Curry said. “You hear all about what we [as a team] who we are and who we are not, and who I am as a player and who I am not. It’s hard for me to understand what they’re going to say now, so it’s something special.”

Curry’s brother, Seth, chimed in with his own tweet, which was clearly aimed at people who never wanted to give Steph credit.

So here I need to clarify something. From day one, I have been one of the biggest Curry fans imaginable. I grew up with warriors. Over the years, the only thing that drove me crazy was hearing people try in every possible way to downplay Curry as the great of all time. This is ridiculous. Even after what he just did in that final, I saw a couple of tweets saying he was still a “system player”.

He is the system!

However, I have been critical of Curry, especially this season, which by far has been the worst shooting campaign of his career. This is not hate. It is a fact. Where I was wrong, quite obviously, was that I jumped to the conclusion that Curry was no longer the player he used to be. A year and a half ago, I tweeted the following:

Dude, this is hard to swallow. This has to be one of the worst takes. I will own it. While I would never doubt his place among the best, I thought that Curry was beginning to lose ground. I really did. I’m so stupid. If by some miracle Curry ever sees one of these tweets or reads one of my headlines in which I talked about this so-called dropout and it pushes him to play like this in the finals, hey, I’m happy that I have did my part.

But seriously, what else can a guy do? He won the title before Durant, and now he has won the title after Durant. He shared LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal with four titles. Shaq had Kobe and D-Wade. LeBron had Wade, Bosch and Anthony Davis. But none of these guys have won a championship with as thin a (relatively speaking) lineup as this Warriors team, in which it was sometimes fair to say that Andrew Wiggins was the second best player.

When Curry says that it will be difficult for him to understand what the critics will say now, he means that he knows that something will happen. There must be something. But whatever it is, there will be no merit in it. Absolutely none. The consummate Curry case is flawless. Anyone who has ever felt the need to ask a question should officially shut up.

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