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Stephen Curry: ‘What they gonna say now?’

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After that, Curry saw the Bay Area rapper Mistah FAB and yelled, “What are they going to say now, boy?” Curry’s detractors can no longer point out that the NBA’s greatest shooter no longer holds the Finals MVP title. What will they say now? Curry told Andscape’s Mark Spears after the game. “[You] hear all the talk about you as a player and about us as a team, no one outside of the Bay Area thought we’d be here last October when the season started. I as a player obviously this finals MVP and all, knew [we were] good enough to win three championships before that.”
Source: Om Youngmisuk @ ESPN

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Tim Reynolds @Tim Reynolds
Analysis: Stephen Curry is much more than a great shooter. It’s time to say he’s so much more. (from @AP)…7:01 am

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CartNews @BasketballNews_com
Steph Curry is an NBA champion again, but he learned a thing or two from another champion across the Atlantic 💫
How Juan Carlos Navarro’s skill set inspired Curry to play the game that changed the NBA:…5:50 am

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Om Young Misuk @NotoriousOHM
The night he joined Kareem, Michael Jackson, LeBron + Wilt as the only one to win the Finals MVP, multiple MVPs and a sniper title, Steph Curry celebrated his fourth title with a call from Obama and a question to the doubters: “What are they going to say in present?” he said @Mark J. Spears…4:06 am

Gerald Burge @Gerald Burge
I see people using that finals run to rewrite Steph Curry’s All-NBA touchdown as a regular season honor? Luka and Buk were absolutely the right choice for the First Team. I swear we don’t always have to be unbearable prisoners of the moment here. – 3:30 am

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
Stephen Curry’s legacy is undeniable – and growing #NBA #Warriors… by using @nypostsports3:26 am

Jorge Sierra @hoop
MVP of the Night: Stephen Curry
#NBAsFinest am

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
He changed the game forever, changed the franchise forever. Steph Curry is one of four players who own NBA Mount Rushmore.
My Boston column after Steph’s fourth championship:…2:42

Chris Palmer @Chris PalmerNBA
All he does is shoot triples? During the Finals, Steph Curry outscored 15 Hall of Famers in an all-time list of 2-point field goals in the Finals. Also Kevin Durant. – 2:17 am

Stephen Curry @Stephen Curry30
night night am

Chris Palmer @Chris PalmerNBA
Average career close-to-title record:
Jordan 33.6
Curry 32.5
LeBron 26.5
Kobe 26 – 2:00 AM

Ady Joseph @AdiJoseph
Steph Curry is undoubtedly in the top 50 of all time. – 1:35 am

Michael Grange @michaelgrange
My @Sportnet Centreline against Curry, Wiggins and Warriors:…1:24 am

Chris Biederman @TheWarriorsWire
Stephen Curry put in another sensational night to lead the Warriors to their fourth title in eight seasons and become the first Finals MVP.…1:20 am

Carl Steward @steward madness
Curry shot 43.7 percent from 3 in the series even with 0 for 9 in Game 5. – 1:20 am

Austin Krell @NBAKrell
3 sightings from Game 6 of the NBA Finals where Steph Curry added another accolade to a legacy that should already have been cemented, including:
– mass turnover
– Draymond delivers
– Boston’s biggest problem comes to the fore…1:19 am

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond Green is going to record the Draymond Green show live from the NBA Finals. Says he could have Jordan Poole, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and maybe even his kids.
“This is going to be an incredible episode.” – 1:17 am

Ben Golliver @BenGolliver
Stephen Curry, Finals MVP am

CJ Holmes @cjholmes22
“For us, it’s just a return to those moments.”
Draymond Green on the glue that holds him, Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson together.
(Watch all videos to see some adorable moments from his kids). am

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond Green on Steph Curry: “He supported us and we’re here as champions.” – 1:12 am

Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
Warriors forward Andre Iguodala on Steph Curry: “I think he’s established himself as the best point guard of all time.” am

Chris Biederman @TheWarriorsWire
Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr compares Steph Curry to NBA great Tim Duncan.…1:10 am

Mika Adams @Mika Adams13
Steph Curry defeated the team that defeated Kevin Durant in the final.
Steph without CD
– 2 titles
– 3 final trips
– 2 best players
– 12-3 rows ZL
CD without Steph
– 0 titles
– 1 final ride
– 1 best player
– 11-8 rows ZL
The total word volume replaces what happened in 2017 and 2018. 1:01 am

Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
New @LockedOnNetwork NBA capsule
About the official expansion of the Warriors dynasty, Steph Curry’s legacy, and where the Celtics go next.

CartNews @BasketballNews_com
Crazy to think he never won…
But Steph Curry wins his first NBA Finals MVP trophy 🙌

Lowe Murray @Murray’s LawTheNU
Steph Curry wins his 4th title and 1st Finals MVP in 13th grade…as did Kobe Bryant – 00:49

CartNews @BasketballNews_com
Steph Curry excited after winning his fourth NBA championship 🥺

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Andre Iguodala says Steph Curry has proven himself to be the greatest point guard of all time. 00:45

David Locke @DLocke09
The humility of Steph Curry and Tim Duncan will help to learn the lesson or it’s too hard. – 00:43

StatMuse @lethargy
Fun fact: Steph Curry won 3 MVP awards this season.
– All-Star Game MVP
– Western Finals MVP
– The best player of the final

Chris Palmer @Chris PalmerNBA
Steph Curry is the only player in history to win both MVP and Finals MVP unanimously. – 00:40

Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
The Golden State Warriors are the best team of the last decade, a living dynasty. 4th NBA championship in the last 8 years. An amazing achievement that means a lot. With the player who changed the game forever (Step Curry). #NBAFinals #Warriors…00:38

Kurt Helen @talking about basketball
Curry and Warriors Demonstrate Championship Resilience The Celtics Can’t Match, Win Game 6 And NBA Title…00:32

Kendra Andrews @Kendra__Andrews
Curry said that he and the Warriors remembered all the doubters and enterers this season who said they were done winning championships.
“All you can do is control the faith behind the scenes…and then when it’s time to seize the opportunity, everything will click.” – 00:31

Jorge Sierra @hoop
For the last time in the season…
MVP of the Night: Stephen Curry

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Stephen Curry: “This hit is certainly different, just knowing what the last three years have meant. … It’s special, man. It’s special.” – 00:28

Ben Rohrbach @Brohrbach
Curry, when asked about his Finals MVP: “Forget it, we are the champions. We have four championships. Why do we start with this question?” He added about the 3-year journey here: “This hit is definitely different.” – 00:27

David Aldridge @davidaldridgedc
Asked if Steph Curry missed something before becoming the MVP of the finals, Steve Kerr replied: “What he lacks is an Olympic gold medal. And I think he really needs to focus on making the 2024 Olympic team.”
For the uninitiated: Steve Kerr is the coach of the US men’s Olympic team. – 00:26

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Steph Curry, NBA Finals MVP, only wants to talk about the team and the fourth championship.

Kendra Andrews @Kendra__Andrews
Stephen Curry: “This hit is definitely different considering what we’ve been through in the last two years.” – 00:25

Michael Pina @MichaelVpina
Steph Curry: “This hit is definitely different.”

Om Young Misuk @NotoriousOHM
Asked what it means to be the Finals MVP, Steph Curry hits the table twice and says, “Forget it, we’re four-time champions!”

Howard Beck @HowardBeck
Steph Curry, Finals MVP and four-time champion.

CJ Holmes @cjholmes22
Steve Kerr jokingly said that Steph Curry still needed an Olympic gold medal. – 00:23

Tim Reynolds @Tim Reynolds
Steve Kerr on Stephen Curry: “He lacks an Olympic gold medal.”

Jimmy Spencer @Jimmy Spencer
Steph Curry is the greatest Bay Area player of all time. – 00:23

Ben Rohrbach @Brohrbach
Steve Kerr spent a few minutes comparing the impact of Stephen Curry and Tim Duncan in San Antonio.
Kerr adds of Curry: “For me, this is the highlight of his incredible career.” – 00:21

Melissa Rolin @Melissarolin
Steve Kerr says about Steph Curry that “this is his main achievement.” – 00:20

CJ Holmes @cjholmes22
Steve Kerr on Stephen Curry: “For me, this is the highlight of his incredible career.” – 00:20

Ben Golliver @BenGolliver
Steve Kerr:[Stephen Curry] reminds me of Tim Duncan. In terms of humanity, in terms of talent, humility, confidence is a great combination that makes everyone want to win for him. None of this happens without him. For me, this is his main achievement.” – 00:20

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Steve Kerr on Steven…


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