Stephen Curry’s full-court video was a fake, but it speaks to his superpowers that we weren’t sure at first


Back in 2002, Powerade released a commercial where you could “see” Michael Vick. throw a soccer ball from the stadium. You knew it was fake. It should have been. Then the installation was not so good. And yet, for a very brief second, you really had to consider the possibility that the video, the feat, was real. That’s how superhuman Vic seemed at the time. That’s what a strong hand he had. It was bordering on caricature.

This is Stephen Curry these days. A real superhuman shooter, seemingly capable of anything with a ball and a basket. Back in 2020, a video surfaced showing Curry doing an absurd 105 straight corner threes at the Warriors’ training base. If there was someone else in this video, my first thought would be: “This must be fake.” But it was Curry. He is an alien. So I believed.

But this latest Curry video to go viral on social media has gone too far. If you haven’t seen it yet, Sports Illustrated released a video on Sunday night of Curry making five straight shots all over the court. See for yourself:

It’s pretty convincing, I must admit. The editing has certainly improved from the time Vic kicked the ball into outer space. But it’s just not possible. Even for Curry, this is too funny. Five hits all over the court in a row? They could at least try to make it believable. Maybe he does two in a row. Stroking five times right at the dead center is already too much.

FYI this video is from the same magician editor, Ari Fararoywho brought you this:

So yeah… don’t be a jerk. But just in case you fall for that trap, the Warriors have confirmed that it’s not true.

Again, it speaks to the greatness of Curry that we really had to investigate this thing and start finding other fake videos that yanked our chains in the same way to completely disprove what we knew in the most logical corners of our brains, even before the Warriors. confirmed so much, can not be real. But let’s get back to earth here. I’ll believe everything Curry does with a basketball in his hands, but that was too far off the mark.