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Steve Kerr calls Warriors’ Stephen Curry the ‘modern MJ’ Raptors trade rumors: Fred VanVleet, Gary Trent Jr., but likely not OG Anunoby Former Hawks star Kyle Korver named assistant general manager LeBron is everything for Lakers. Too often, it’s not enough (until Davis returns). Report: Clippers open to John Wall trade for backup big man

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It can be argued that Michael Jordan is the GOAT on the court, but what remains undeniable is his impact on the game – from the still sky-high Air Jordan sales to branding and advertising, not to mention a generation of dedicated fans. who worship him to this day.

Steve Kerr saw it up close. Now he is coaching Stephen Curry and sees the same as the MVP chant in Washington DC

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“He is a modern MJ. I’ve seen it play with the Bulls. Half the crowd was in red 23s and now half of the crowd is in blue and yellow 30s.

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“Stef goes beyond the game. I think he gets people excited because he is so awe inspiring with his playing that everywhere we go people root for him and can’t wait for him to perform because we’ve never seen anything like it. to him. And I think people can relate to him because he’s not a superhero in terms of his size and strength. He is 6 foot 3, 185 [pounds]. There are many people of this stature, but not one of them can do what he can do. He is incredibly inspiring and we get a lot of support on the road as a result.”

Kerr is best suited for this comparison. Curry was asked about Kerr’s comments and received this response: via Ali Thanawalla of NBC Sports Bay Area.

“I think whatever you take the floor and feel this energy, I never take for granted because it wasn’t always like this,” Curry said. “And that’s what we’re playing the game for, in the sense that the fans are part of the journey, going out and spending their hard-earned money on tickets, and creating an atmosphere like tonight since we ran out onto the floor. for the warm-up, throughout the game it was amazing.

“Fortunately, we feel like most nights are on the road and at home, obviously. It means a lot. So I’ll leave it to him to make the comparison, but it’s especially important to know what our accomplishments have made in terms of creating that atmosphere night after night, even on the road.”

On an influence level, Curry might be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan (and possibly LeBron James in a way, although LeBron’s off-court influence in terms of branding and how he runs his business has been a generation away). Kerr isn’t wrong, watch the Warriors play on the road anywhere and the arena is filled with Curry jerseys – often youngsters at the game, fans aged 10 to 16 who then play in local leagues or in junior or senior years. school and try to imitate what Curry does. These fans fill the arenas where the Warriors will play more than an hour before kickoff to watch him warm up.

Kerr also hit the nail on the head, and Curry became more attractive. This is one of the reasons why Allen Iverson and Derrick Rose reached such a level of fame – it’s hard to imagine yourself in the role of LeBron, a massive man of 6 feet 9 inches, touched by the gods and endowed with historical athleticism. Same with Kevin Duran or Giannis Antetokounmpo We admire and appreciate their greatness, but the fandom feels a little different. Curry is larger than normal human size. Fans can imagine themselves in his place.

It also only works because he wins – if Curry didn’t have four rings, it would all be empty. But he won, and in doing so, turned the Warriors into a national brand for a generation of fans.

In slow-fire trading season (at best), the league’s eyes are on the Toronto Raptors – they can bring the market to a boil in just a couple of moves. Will the team, now stuck somewhere in between – somewhere where Masai Ujiri won’t let her live – be able to take the dramatic step to turn around by the trade deadline?

Probably not, but nothing is out of scope for the table. Here’s the latest on how things are going with them, according to report by Jake Fisher from Yahoo Sports.

Fred VanVliet is a name that other teams are interested in, but the Raptors are more likely to secure an extension with the 29-year-old point guard after the season than move him.

Fred VanVleet’s apparent trade seems to have more to do with his poor performance this season as the smaller guard nears his 29th birthday than the front office’s willingness to part ways with such a central team leader.

Both VanVleet and the Raptors agreed to delay renewal negotiations until the end of the season. Fisher evaluates something in Kyle Lowry the extension range is three years, $100 million—although that could be a bit high after a poor season (18.2 points per game, but more worrisome is 37.6% shooting overall). Then again Tyler Herro a contract (four years, $130 million) could add up. If the Raptors and VanVleet can’t reach an agreement by July 1, expect the Suns and Magic to be among the teams interested in a free agent.

• The guy the other teams are hoping for will become available. And Anunobi. Don’t bet on it. He was arguably the best perimeter defenseman in the league and the Raptors see him as a key player going forward.

Meanwhile, Raptors officials left rival front offices with the impression, sources say, that it would require a catch of at least the amount of Atlanta’s off-season price for Dejont Murray – several unprotected picks in the first round – for Toronto to even consider parting ways with OG Anunoby, a well-known favorite of Ujiri.

Pascal sorry – All-NBA player – will shake up the market, but it is unlikely that he will be available. If so, it would take a catch almost at Harden’s level to close the deal (more of a summer move than a deadline).

• Raptor most likely to be sold: Gary Trent Jr.

The Trent appears to be the most likely Raptor to sell, by a wide margin. Various rival executives were under the impression that Toronto would even try to move Trent before the deadline, as Trent could opt out of next season’s $18.5 million player selection and test leeway. According to preliminary data, Trent will seek more than $25 million on average in the year leading up to the start of the 2023-2024 campaign.

Trent is the league’s most sought-after player – a winger who can both defend and shoot threes – but whoever trades him should know he could re-sign and keep him this summer.

As with the Bulls, many teams are watching to see if the Raptors front office decides to do something bold at the trade deadline. Smart money on less, Trent only moves, but the teams are watching and will call.

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Hawks have promoted Kyle Korver to assistant general manager as they continue to remodel their front office.

The move comes less than a month after Travis Schlenk stepped down as team president on December 21, with general manager Landry Fields taking over day-to-day operations. Schlenk was appointed to the post of adviser.

Fields was named CEO last year. His new role was announced ahead of Monday’s Hawks game against the Miami Heat.

Korver joined the Hawks in July 2022 as director of player relations and development. He spent the 2021–2022 season as a Player Development Assistant with the Brooklyn Nets.

Korver played nearly five seasons with Atlanta (2012–17) and was an All-Star in 2015.

“Kyle has brought a great perspective and voice to our group after seamlessly transitioning from playing to coaching to the front office,” Fields said in a statement released by the team.

“Moving forward, I am delighted that he is even more involved in day-to-day management and leadership…


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