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Steve Nash on his relationship with Kevin Durant: ‘We’re good’ Anthony Davis ‘excited’ to be Lakers’ No.1 offensive option, LeBron pushing him to do it Proud to be an American: 76ers’ Embiid officially becomes U.S. citizen Tyler Herro says he’s better than players ‘that have gotten paid’ Lonzo Ball undergoes successful knee surgery, out ‘at least a few months’

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Eager to get leverage to trade this offseason, Kevin Duran put forward an ultimatum “either the coach and the grandmaster left, or I.”

Now coach Steve Nash (and GM Sean Marks) are back in Brooklyn on the same team and trying to create an opponent together. Awkward? Not if you ask Nash what ESPN’s Nick Friedell did..

“We’re fine,” Nash said after the Nets’ first official practice of the season on Tuesday. “Were good. Since we talked, it’s like nothing has changed. I have a long history with Kevin. I love this guy. Families have problems. We had a moment, and it’s over. That’s what happens. It’s a common situation in the league.

“We were all hurt, seething, going through what we went through last year, not being able to overcome all those hardships. Sometimes you lose perspective because you expect to win, but the reality is that we were able to talk and discuss what we can improve from last year. And also keep perspective. We’ve been through a lot of things.”

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First, what else was Nash going to say? He knows the power dynamics in the NBA, and Durant has a lot more leverage than him — not enough to get Nash fired this summer, but still more than the coach.

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Secondly, Nash could tell the truth from his point of view. NBA players and coaches understand best that this is a business and things are rarely personal. Grudges don’t hold like fans think (most of the time). Nash saw Durant’s act for what he was – an attempt to create pressure – and can intellectually brush it off, reach out to KD and talk about the future.

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It calls into question one of the Nets’ biggest problems last season – resilience and cohesion. Do the Nets have the will to fight hard and win as a team? Individually Durant, Kyrie Irving, Nash and others have shown such resilience in the past, but it wasn’t that hard for the team to break the Nets’ will last season. Is their relationship strong enough, is their will strong enough this season?

Looks like we’ll find out sooner. If the wheels come off the Nets season, it looks like it will come sooner, and things could turn into a real fire in the dumpster by Christmas. Or maybe Nash is right and they are stronger than we think.

Is Anthony Davis #1 attacking option on a championship team?

The Lakers made a big bet on trading Davis—both good young players and picks—that he could help them win the title now and be a bridge to the future.LeBron James. Davis was everything the Lakers hoped for in the bubble and actually won them. banner №17. However, he did not stay healthy and did not always live up to that standard.

New Lakers coach Darwin Ham bets on Davis again and this season he’s going to put more attacks through him. LeBron James is reportedly supportive of Ham. Will Davis be able to stay healthy, get back in shape and be that bridge to the future? IIf he can’t, the Lakers will have to rethink their plans after LeBron leaves. That’s why Davis is under pressure this season.

Davis is excited to prove he’s ready for the role. he told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.. He added that LeBron is pushing him to do it.

“I’m so excited I get goosebumps just thinking about this year,” Davis told Yahoo Sports this week. “I am looking forward to a healthy year and will do what I know we can do.”…

Davis said James, 37, told him he would take over the reins of the team while the rest of the roster followed suit.

The first step for Davis is option number one: stay healthy. He played 40 games last season and 36 the year before. Although this was partly due to accidental injuries, the history of Davis’s absence is long.

When he’s healthy, Davis is undeniably an elite player – to use the bubble example, Davis was a guard in Orlando who knocked down jumpers from mid-range after going head-to-head, averaging 27.7 points at 66.5 percentage of accurate hits, as well as gaining 9.7 rebounds per game. That’s the kind of publicity the Lakers need this season.

It can be a lot of pressure, but Davis said he doesn’t feel it.

“But for me, I don’t put any pressure on myself at all,” Davis said at the press day. “I will go there and play basketball, work hard, defend and do what the team needs to win basketball games. I’m not going to think too much and, you know, listen to what everyone else has to say and try to be ‘what’ they want me to be.”

“Whoever the Lakers would like Davis to be, he is one of the top 10 players in the world, which he has repeatedly shown in Los Angeles. If he can be consistent, this Davis will help the Lakers become a bigger threat in the West. If Davis can’t be that guy, it could be another long season for the Lakers Nation.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (AP) — Joel Embiid is an American citizen.

Embiid, a native of Cameroon, said he took the citizenship oath in Philadelphia two weeks ago. The Philadelphia 76ers’ NBA scoring champion and All-Star center said his family – Embiid and Brazilian girlfriend Ann de Paula have a young son – played a key role in his decision.

“I’ve been here for a long time,” Embiid said in an interview with The Associated Press Thursday at a training camp at the Citadel. “My son is American. I felt that I live here and being an American is a blessing. I said why not?”

Embiid, who played one season of college basketball in Kansas, is also a French citizen. He said it was too early to think about which country he could potentially represent in international basketball.

Embiid, 28, averaged 30.6 points in 68 games last season. The 7-footer also averaged 11.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists to help Philadelphia reach the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the second year in a row. Embiid averaged 23.6 points and 10.7 rebounds in the postseason despite playing with hand and face injuries.

Embiid was announced to be playing from Kansas during the 76ers home games preliminary introductions, but he switched places midway through last year as he was introduced from Cameroon. This season, he may try to eat.

“We will say Cameroon, American and French,” he said, laughing.

R. J. Barrett signed a four-year rookie contract extension with a full $107 million guarantee that could go up to $120 million with promotions. A few other members of the 2019 draft class are – I am Morant, Zion…


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