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Summary and classification of stage 13 of the Giro d’Italia 2022: Another shot at Gaviria’s post

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The chronicle of the stage is now available, with Demare winning and Bardet abandoning, written by my partner Miguel Angel Rodriguez from Italy. Juanpe López stay pink. In addition, you can check the classifications of the stage and the general. Tomorrow, Saturday, more and better here at MARCA and throughout the MARCA World. We will also broadcast the last minutes of the stage in Radio MARCA with the Pablos and José Rodríguez.

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This is how the classification of the stage was:

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Top 10 of the 13th stage of the @Tour of

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— COPEdaleando (@Copedaleando) May 20, 2022

This is the general:

This is how the general @Tour of Italy after stage 13

— COPEdaleando (@Copedaleando) May 20, 2022


At the last minute the platoon swallowed the four escapees. It was a beautiful ending in which Demar he was the strongest again. Gaviria and Cavendish They tried to steal his success, but it was not possible. The Frenchman once again showed his strength. Third win for the Frenchman in this edition of the ‘Corsa Rosa’.

5 KM / All to decide

The average of the first three hours of the race is 45,200 km/h. 28 ” for the escape… how beautiful is this ending. The victory seems to be behind.

10 KM / Eye that there is emotion!

They are giving everything up front because they have certain possibilities. There are 10 km left and they have a little over a minute. It’s not easy, but there they are…

20 KM / We arrived at the decisive moment

The escape has a 2′ advantage with these four brave men over the group and 3’47” over Porte’s. Let’s see what happens…

What do you think will happen?

25 KM / Waiting at the finish line

Friends of ‘El Maillot’, official Giro podcast, they are already waiting at the finish line. We also have our partner in Italy Miguel Angel Rodriguezwho is going to inform us ‘in situ’ of everything that happens between now and the end of this exciting ‘Corsa Rosa’.

30 KM / Bochorno shaking

Fortunately, the route is short (150 km). Cyclists are suffering a lot for this reason. We remember that at this stage Bardet retired due to illness.

35 KM / End to the Spanish losing streak in this Giro?

These are days of relative calm and joy in Spanish cycling. Juanpe López leads the 2022 Giro d’Italia and every day is historic for the Lebrija runner clad in the sacred robe. At the same time, Mikel Landa has every chance to win in Verona after what was seen at the Blockhaus. Thus, a fact that hits the cyclists seems to be forgotten, as they are getting closer to completing 100 stages of ‘Grand Tours’ without adding a stage victory. More info in this report by my colleague Eugenio Muñoz.

38 KM / Watch out for the fans!

The peloton quickens its pace: 4’24”. Average speed after 2 hours of racing: 42.6 km/h. Be careful, the wind is causing some fans…

45 KM / Will the breakout come or will there be a sprint?

In case of reaching the sprint, the big favorites to aspire to the stage victory are Mark Cavendish, Arnaud Démare, Giacomo Nizzolo and Fernando Gaviria. Let us remember that other sprinters, such as Caleb Ewan or Biniam Ghirmay, have already abandoned the race. I don’t think the escapees will be able to make it… Be careful how leader Juanpe smiles, he’ll wear pink for one more day. Today we were talking precisely about those deadlines.

55 KM / The four escapees, with options?

In the Maglia Rosa group there are no less than five teams pulling hard: Groupama-FDJ (for Demare), UAE Team Emirates (for Gaviria), Team DSM (for Dainese), Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl (for Cavendish) and Israel – Premier Tech (by Nizzolo). Prodhomme, Van der Berg, Maestri y Eenkhoorn they travel escaped. Beware that Valverde, with the goodbye of Bardet, gets into the Top 10. We are going on schedule so that the race reaches its objective.

65 KM / Today is Froome’s birthday

Chris Froome celebrates his 37th birthday today. It is a good opportunity to remember the extraordinary escape of the Briton in the Colle delle Finestre that allowed him to turn around the Giro 2018. The famous climb, with its “sterrato”, is one of the iconic climbs whose myths and legends we explore in a section dedicated.

The one that ‘Froomy’ messed up in the Giro…

75 KM / No leak anymore

Tagliani is caught by the platoon as the group travels calmly. It’s too hot.

85 KM / It’s very hot and the peloton notices it

These were the points after passing through the Colle di Nava pass (3rd cat., km 54.1):

  1. 1. Pascal Unicorn (Jumbo-Visma) 9 puntos Blue Jersey
  2. 2. Nicolas Prodhomme (AG2R Citroën) 4 pts
  3. 3. Mirco Maestri (Eolo-Comet) 2 pts
  4. 4. Julius Van den Berg (EF Education-EasyPost) 1 pt
  5. 5. Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper – Androni Toys) + 2’52 “

100 KM / The fugitive travels comfortably

There are 100 km to go. The race situation is as follows: Tagliani (Drone Hopper) travels alone with a one-minute lead over the pack, which is almost six minutes away. He is taking it easy with the group. It is very hot. Bardet, one of the favourites, has dropped out. We start with the best comments. Below this comment, the summary of everything that has happened so far. Go!

The highlights until 100 KM to go:


Arnaud Démare passes the Intermediate Sprint in first position in the peloton and no one has put up a fight at this point.


It is confirmed that the abandonment of Romain Bardet is due to physical problems derived from discomfort since yesterday night aggravated today by a heat stroke and that the temperature is very high today,


Filippo Tagliani crosses in first position through the Intermediate Sprint of Pieve di Teco. There will still be some points to be awarded to the peloton passing through that point and it is likely that Arnaud Démare and Fernando Gaviria, first and second in the regularity classification, will contest that sprint.


Pieve di Teco classification


FACT. This has been the second retirement of Romain Bardet in his 12 participations in the three Grand Tours, the two in the last four (Tour de France 2020 and Giro d’Italia 2022).


Very surprising this abandonment of Romain Bardet because it seems that he has not suffered any fall or had any previous illness. The first notifications point to a heat stroke, but we will wait to confirm this point.


LAST MINUTE. Romain Bardet has abandoned the race. The French cyclist was fourth in the general classification, 14 seconds behind Juan Pedro López, the Maglia Rosa.


The group of escapees is now approaching Pieve di Teco, the stage where the first Intermediate Sprint of the day is located.


In fact, we now see how Fernando Gaviria’s UAE Team Emirates and Arnaud Démare’s Groupama – FDJ are toughening the race. The objective is clear: try to leave Mark Cavendish out of the game in this initial section of the stage.


Passing through the Colle di Nava seems key at this stage. Although it is a port classified as third category, it is quite hard, with 10.1 kilometers of ascent with an average gradient of 6.8%. We will have to see if there is any sprinter who can’t stand this climb and lose contact with the peloton, especially Mark Cavendish.


The work of the sprinter teams at the front of the peloton has already caused the advantage of the five escapees to stop growing and has stabilized at around three minutes for several kilometers.


The advantage of the five escapees is already growing to over three minutes and the first units of the Quick-Step, Marc Cavendish’s formation, are already appearing at the front of the peloton to try to control the situation.


FACT. No other cyclist has participated in more stages in this Giro d’Italia than Drone Hopper – Androni’s Italian Filippo Tagliani (five).


The escaped cyclists do not pose too much risk for the general classification. The best placed is Pascal Eenkhoorn, 50′ 58” in the Maglia Rosa.


The five cyclists who have managed to gain a few meters of advantage are Nicolas Prodhomme, Filippo Tagliani, Julius Van Den Berg, Mirco Maestri and Pascal Eenkhoorn.


Another group of five cyclists tries and, now, it seems that they find the blessing of the peloton and this first break of the day is consolidating.


Groupama – FDJ cyclists, Arnaud Démare’s team, have also been very active in aborting this first attack.


Alpecin Fenix ​​has begun to shoot very strongly at the front of the peloton and that means that this first solid escape attempt did not prosper.


There is a group of five cyclists who have managed to take a few meters ahead, including Diego Rosa, the leader of the mountain classification, and it will be necessary to see if they manage to open a gap at the head of the race.


The first skirmishes are already taking place in the front area of ​​the platoon. It will be necessary to see if a leak forms quickly or the battle continues as it did yesterday.



In addition to the Colle di Nava, the only scoring port of the day, there are two Intermediate Sprints. In the first of them, in Pieve di Teco, at kilometer 43, the valid points for the regularity classification are distributed. In the second, at San Michele di Mondovì (kilometer 112), bonus seconds are awarded: 3,2 and 1 to the first three.

In the mountain ranking, Diego Rosa has 83 points, 14 more than Koen Bouwman and 40 more than Lennard Kämna. Thus, no matter what happens today, the Italian is sure to continue wearing the…


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