Super Bowl 2024 odds, picks: Jets and Vikings among top five value plays for Super Bowl LVIII

We’ve officially ended the 2022 NFL season as the Kansas City Chiefs are your Super Bowl champions. When they traded Tyreke Hill in the off-season while the Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders made big acquisitions, many were ready to write them off for 2022. Looking back, it was a stupid thought.

It’s never too early to look into next year, and the Chiefs would rather spend it at +550. Caesars bookmaker has have already published their odds for Super Bowl LVIIIand you can bet on next year’s Super Bowl right now. Below, we’ll take a look at five valuable Super Bowl picks you should consider right now. This value elections, so we’ll ignore the top five favorites for now.

All NFL odds through the bookmaker Caesars.

New York Jets +3500 (shortest T-10 odds)

The Jets had an odd 2022 season. They smashed the draft, eventually winning Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year, the defense was the No. 4 division in the NFL and won several contests for them, but the Jets were still out of the playoffs. The problem, of course, was the quarterback’s position.

New York will be in the quarterback market and should be seen as an attractive place. The Jets are a promising team with young talent in wide receiver and running back positions. If Aaron Rodgers decides to play in 2023 and ditch the Green Bay Packers, the Jets will likely go all-in for a four-time MVP. Even though we don’t know the quarterback yet, I’m betting a couple of dollars on him.

Baltimore Ravens +3500 (shortest T-10 odds)

I’m not sure this offseason will be fun for Ravens fans. Lamar Jackson wants a contract that reflects Deshawn Watson and probably won’t get one. The tag of the exclusive franchise, most likely, and I already made a prediction that things get dirty. HOWEVER, when the dust settles, maybe the Ravens will be a really good football team again.

We all know that Jackson is a perennial MVP contender when he is healthy and that there are several young talents in his defense as well as a legitimate linebacker in Roquan Smith. Of course, there are some gaps to be filled, but in 2022, this defense made it into the top ten.

Don’t be offended by Greg Roman, but perhaps with his departure there will be a change of offensive identity. Maybe it’s the off-season when the Ravens score a legitimate number 1 on the road and become even more explosive.

NOTE. I would wait to make this bet. When you start seeing all the reports of contract negotiations not going well/potential deals, that’s when you’re looking for an opportunity to strike.

Miami Dolphins +3500 (shortest T-10 odds)

What a roller coaster 2022 has been for the dolphins. At the start of the year, they looked like sleeper Super Bowls, having won eight of their first 11 games. However, due to Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion, the Dolphins simply couldn’t finish strong. Still, I think it’s worth remembering how hot they started. Tagovailoa threw for 469 yards and six touchdowns against the Ravens in the second week, and Miami defeated the mighty Buffalo Bills the following week. Mike McDaniel’s offense may be one of the best in the NFL.

The defense definitely needs help and the Dolphins are indeed in a promising division, but I love McDaniel and I believe the Dolphins will be even better in 2023. Jump.

Minnesota Vikings +5000 (T-19-minimum odds)

The Vikings’ defense has been terrible in 2022, but hiring Brian Flores to lead this side of the ball is an A in my opinion. Kevin O’Connell achieved a lot in his first season as a head coach – a 13-4 record and an NFC North title. I think adding another legitimate starting out is something Minnesota should do, but overall I think the Vikings are an intriguing chance to win it all. Added that Rodgers may leave the division, and this only reinforces my position.

Chicago Bears +10000 (T-30 shortest odds)

The farthest of the long shots. If there’s one thing we learned about the Bears in 2022, it’s that they have franchised quarterback Justin Fields. He can improve some aspects of his passing game, but after graduating from college he was praised for his hand strength. Expect him to improve as a passer in 2023. Once he does, Fields will be hard to stop. Not many foresaw that last season he would turn into Michael Vick.

The Bears roster needs a lot of work, but general manager Ryan Poles has prepared the franchise for what could be a quick recovery. Chicago has the #1 pick overall, which they will sell for the highest price, and the most anticipated spot in the NFL ceiling. It’s a very difficult task for the Bears to go from worst to first in one year, but with a star like Fields and everything they have at their disposal in the offseason, it probably makes sense to throw Andrew Jackson at it and then potentially earn 2000 dollars. in a year.


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