Supercross 2023: Results and points after Arlington Cooper Webb wins Arlington Supercross Triple Crown, closes to within two of Tomac

Each of the three riders who scored 450 ran into problems in at least one of the three features that make up the Arlington Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown format, but when the checkered flag flew over Race 3, the results were the same as everyone expected.

Cooper Webb won his second race of the season, Chase Sexton finished second and Eli Tomac finished third, bringing the title closer. The three riders are separated by only five points.

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Eli Tomac made a rare mistake in Race 3 that cost him the Arlington win. – Feld Motor Sports

The night started hard for Webb. He was stuck in traffic at the start of Race 1 and could only move up to fifth place in that feature. With Tomac winning and Sexton on the podium, he could have been crossed off the list, but Webb did what Webb does.

Webb kept his composure and finished better each successive round with second in race 2 and a race 3 win. His 5-2-1 totaled eight points and equalized Sexton, but thanks to a win in the last race, he owned the tiebreaker.

Sexton did not manage to win any of the three races, but his 3-3-2 was also enough for eight points. Race points are not paid out until the three features have been added together, so Sexton’s second overall finish allowed him to catch up on Tomac in the hunt for the championship. Sexton is now five behind Tomac and three behind Webb, finishing second in a three-man competition that is getting very exciting.

Tomac rarely makes mistakes, so he was a little shocked when he crashed while leading Race 3. As with the Anaheim 1, he failed to clear the tunnel jump, but where he was able to correct his mistake in California, the Texas track did not. was forgiving. Tomac dropped to fourth immediately after the crash and lost a couple more positions due to the loss of rhythm.

His 1-4-6 totaled 10 points and put him in third place on the grid.

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Like Webb, Jason Anderson got better in every race, but the crash at the start of the first part was too difficult to overcome. In that race, he was at the back of the pack, and as he climbed to eighth in checkers, the damage was done. He put in a valiant effort, winning race 2. His 8-1-3 total brought 12 points and put him in fourth place overall.

Ken Roczen also scored 12 points with a 2-6-4 score, but as Anderson had the best result in race 3, Roczen finished in fifth place. It was still a solid rebound from 11th last week and fifth in the top 5 in the first seven rounds of 2023.

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Arlington Supercross Results
Jordon Smith and Nate Thrasher finished on the podium in Arlington. – Feld Motor Sports

It turns out that Hunter Lawrence can be defeated.

Despite a knee injury, Nate Thrasher took the podium in three Arlington Supercross Triple Crown races and his 2-2-3 record was enough to give him the overall win. He has yet to climb to the top of the podium after the individual race, but his second place at the opening of the 250 East in Houston contributes to his third place in points.

Thrasher’s teammate Jordon Smith had a mathematical path to win the overall standings before tripping over the cheers in the last minutes of race 3. Finishing fourth in part one put him at a slight disadvantage, but he recovered to win race 2. In the final tally, his 4-1-5 tied him with Lawrence on points, with Smith finishing second on the tiebreaker.

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Perhaps the only thing keeping Lawrence from first place on the podium is bad luck. He ran out of space on the first corner of the final race and crashed. He could have gotten over it so far if Max Anstey hadn’t run over his bike and pinned Lawrence to the ground for a few seconds. Due to a broken clutch lever, Lawrence had to ride conservatively in this race but moved up to sixth at the end and his 1-3-6 was enough to put him on the podium.

European motocross star Tom Vialle continues to impress. This year, he fought for the top five in every race and finally made it to Arlington. His 5-9-2 put him in fourth place on the table.

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Anstey’s involvement in a race 3 lap 1 crash pushed him into the background for that race; in the end, he could only move up to ninth place. After placing third in race 1 and fourth in race 2, he was fifth overall overall.

Jeremy Martin won the last race of the evening, but poor results in race 2 and 12th placed him down to sixth overall. In a race filled with crashes, Martin was as surprised as everyone else that he climbed to the top of the podium in this final run.

Results of 2023

Race 6: Eli Tomac and Jett Lawrence win
Race 5: Cooper Webb, Hunter Lawrence win
Race 4: Tomac, H. Lawrence win
Race 3: Chase Sexton, Levi Kitchen wins
Race 2: Tomac and Jay Lawrence win
Round 1: Tomac, Jay Lawrence win

2023 supermotocross ranking

Week 6: Perfect night in Oakland keeps Tomac number one
Week 5: Cooper Webb and Chase Sexton close the gap
Week 4: Eli Tomac regains the lead
Week 3: Ken Roczen takes first place
Week 2: Roczen moves up; sexton falls
Week 1: Tomac reaches 450; Jett Lawrence 250s

ARLINGTON, Texas – Cooper Webb edged out Chase Sexton in a late race in Race 3 of the Arlington Triple Crown Monster Energy Supercross to create a points tie to win Round 7 on a tiebreaker.. Webb’s win in the third race of the evening, which gave him 5-2-1, was just what was needed to give him his second win of the season.

“In racing, you never know for sure,” Webb told NBC Sports correspondent Will Christian. “I didn’t put myself in a good position at the beginning. I made a mistake in the rhythm section that cost me dearly. The track was really difficult, you couldn’t catch up if you pushed hard. It was quite sharp and smooth underneath.”

None of the three podium finishers had perfect races. Webb’s slow start in race 1 hooked him hard and with fifth place he had a lot of opportunities to make up for.

Sexton finished third in the first two races and was poised to take the overall win until roundabouts came into play.

Eli Tomac won Race 1 and later said, “I love doing these Triple Crown Events. I had a great start there and ended up getting into that corner and then doing my own race.”

RESULTS: How they finished the 450 Main in Arlington

Race 3 round 7 should have been the winner in all formats. Two dots separate the top three from this feature. Tomac led with 5, Sexton was second with 6 and Webb was third with 7 in the Arlington Supercross Triple Crown. It was the right lineup considering how hard these three riders have been pushing each other all year.

In the final race, Tomac took the lead until he made a mistake on the back of a tunnel jump. His bike flew out from under him, dropping Tomac from the lead to fourth place.

Sexton pressured Tomac early in race 3 until he fell, costing him three seconds. The combination of Tomac’s crash and Sexton’s fall allowed Webb to close the distance.

Each of the riders was able to overcome their mistakes and climb the podium, and the overlapping movement played a decisive role. With Sexton held up by a driver with less than two minutes left on the clock, Webb pounced and took the lead.

With a score of 3-3-2, Sexton finished second. Tomac finished the podium with a score of 1-4-6.

Tomac held onto the red plate, but narrowly over Webb by two points. Sexton is five points behind third Tomac.

Jason Anderson started the evening hard. He crashed on the first lap and was knocked down by Sexton, and his ninth-place finish in that race made the overall victory all but unattainable. Anderson won the second race and finished third in the final heat for fourth place overall.

With a score of 2-6-4, Ken Roczen rounded out the top five.

The Triple Crown format always adds drama to the evening.

Nate Thrasher and Hunter Lawrence advanced to the final race of the 250 East Triple Crown with four points each. As in the 450 class, overall victory will go to the rider with the best result in Race 3. Things went awry for Lawrence in the first corner. Passing through the dense crowd, Lawrence ran out of the room and put down his bike. Max Ansty faced…


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