As women’s college basketball enters its July club evaluation period, we want to highlight some of the recruits who stand out in certain categories.

Who is the best net scorer? The best passer? The best ball carrier?

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Each of these players are outstanding in their own way in different aspects of the game. But are they absolutely the best? We choose superlatives for different perspectives.

Best Passer/Facilitator

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F Montaglia Dew
2023 espnW 100 rating: 9
Centennial High School (Nevada) | Vegas Bulldogs
Commitment: Arizona

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It’s easy to get carried away with the dynamic dribbling and long-range shots of point guards, but in the new era of spacing and small ball, more and more hybrid players are becoming helpers. In the beginning, Dew’s mentality was obvious, but then it became a hindrance when she wasn’t as aggressive as the scorer. Her 6’2″ size allows her to break away from balls and see the entire floor as a forward point, which causes a disparity in opposing personnel and defensive rotations. She reads the defense well and knows which variation to attack. Moreover, she has adjusted her approach and is not afraid to act and play herself. A good passing is extremely valuable at the next level, as it allows fast defenders to play without the ball in their hands and gives defenders much more room to cover.

Honorable Mentions: W Madison Booker (2023 #15), PG Madison McDaniel (2024 #8)

Top scorer

Gee Judah Watkins
2023 espnW 100 rating: 2
Sierra Canyon High School (CA) | Cal Swish Sports Academy, UK

Both Watkins make a strong case for taking first place in the 2023 class. Watkins has toughened up every aspect of her game on both sides. When it comes to creating a shot, there is no better player than Watkins who can take the ball and play. She improved her speed and dribbling very well. Her 3-ball is more consistent and she is one of the best in contact and heading towards the free throw line which is the hallmark of any great scorer. After her appearance in the U.S. Basketball Qualifiers became a sensation. She will choose any school in the country for her college education.

Honorable Mentions: Gee Talia Scott (No. 13 2023), Gee Zoe Brooks (No. 33 2023 NC State Commitment)

Best Defender

G Mikayla Williams
2023 espnW 100 rating: 1
Parkway High School (Louisiana) | Mavs Elite Strong
Assigned to: LSU

As talented as Watkins is, Williams is still number one. A physically gifted multisport star, LSU puts tremendous pressure on ball-handling opponents and can get physically fit when needed. She is good with the ball, picking up the ball defensively, challenging passes and landing shots. Williams has the opportunity to take on the top scorer of either opposing team to stop him. While the Watkins-Williams battle for the top spot will last through the fall and winter, they will be teammates for the U17 World Championship in July.

Honorable mention: G Kaniya Boyd (2024 No. 32)

Best jumper / jumper

Gee Jaydin Donovan
2023 espnW 100 rating: 3
Friends of Sidwell (DC) | Team takeover

Donovan can fly, and that may not do justice to her superior physical abilities. There is a photo from the December Capital Invitational where she is essentially recreating the Jumpman pose. Last May, a viral video of her trying to dunk at a showcase in Atlantic City went viral. The 6-foot Donovan can catch crosses in the back of the zone or have a LeBron James-style block. Donovan is a jumper in his own category.

Honorable mention: F Toby Fournier (2024 No. 15)

Best shooter

G Ellie Ziebell
2024 espnW 60 rating: 9
Nina High School (Wisconsin) | Flight Wisconsin

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about shooters is range, and Ziebell has it. For our money right now, we would call her number outside the timeout to knock down a 3. She can pull up with a jumper and also finish well at the rim when the defenders close in. What really sets her apart is that she knows when to get rid of the ball and she’s ready to move to the floor for powerful catching and hitting opportunities. Every major conference actively recruits Ziebell.

Honorable Mentions: W. Riley Nelson (2023 #29, Maryland Commitment), G. Kimora Johnson (2023 #30), W. Courtney Ogden (2023 #12, Stanford Commitment)

Best Rebounder

W Kennedy Smith
2024 espnW 60 rating: 18
Etiwanda High School (CA) | Cal Sparks

Strong rebounders need to be determined and physical, constantly chasing the ball and have a high drive at both ends of the court, breaking glass. Smith ticks all the boxes. She heavily influences the game with her intensity and physical strength alone, as she gets defensive deflections, secures lost balls, or rushes rebounds. She led the Nike EYBL’s first stoppage in rebounding with 11 per game. Its set includes all major conferences.

Honorable mention: W Kendall Dudley (2024 No. 4)

Best ball handler

PG Kiyomi McMiller
2024 espnW 60 rating: 7
Trinity Collegiate School (SC) | NEPA Elite

The buzz around McMiller’s talent dates back to her school days. She caught the eye of some national raters and local trainers while participating in isolated demonstrations in the DMV area. She knew how to confidently handle the ball from the very beginning. She breaks down defenders with her pen, footwork, and ability to change pace in the blink of an eye. She holds the ball on the rope like a yo-yo and keeps the defense at bay with her ability to strike far from behind the arc.

Honorable Mentions: PG Angelica Velez (2023 #36), PG Jaloni Cambridge (2024 #2), PG Hannah Hidalgo (2023 #5)

Most intense

W Sahara Williams
2023 espnW 100 rating: 20
Waterloo West (Iowa) | All Iowa Attack
Commitment: Oklahoma

Sahara Williams has outstanding energy in every possession. On a regular basis, she drives furiously to the basket, goes to the rebounds and defends with the ball. Basketball is a game to play and push, and Williams needs to set the tone for her team.

Honorable Mentions: G Ashlynn Shade (2023 #6, UConn commit), KK Arnold (2023 #7, UConn commit)

best leader

PG Jada Williams
2023 espnW 100 rating: 20
La Jolla Country Day (California) | Cal Stars
Assigned to: UCLA

In a moment-oriented culture, intangible values ​​can be overlooked. Williams has proven to be a leader in the locker room, whether it’s at La Jolla Country Day, her club program or USA Basketball – and of course when she hits the court as the UCLA Bruin. On the floor, she has the ability to energize others through consistency and verbal celebration of teammates’ successes. Players are drawn to her in the gym. Williams reportedly already has several NIL deals and is using the platform with her peers to expand future opportunities.

Honorable Mentions: PG Victoria Flores (2023 #80), W Sammy Wagner (2023 #23), W Smya Nichols (2023 #21), G Oluchi Okanawa (2023)