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DUNCANVILLE, TX – The 2022 Texas Basketball Coaches Association showcase has wrapped up, and after three days of updates and notes on the event’s top performers, it’s time for a final look. Today, I’m emptying my notebook to take some final notes on the players that caught my attention over the weekend.

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Samson Aletan, C, Lake Highlands is a tall 6ft 10in male in the class of 2023, Aletane is still a work in progress, but his progress over the last eight months or so is quite noticeable. Aletan is a big man who plays like a big man, using his length and rebound to protect the ring, rebound and soak everything he has in paint. He landed some jump hooks and also improves his footwork. He received offers from Houston, Kansas State, Oral Roberts, Sam Houston, SMU, Tulsa, and Wyoming through his weekend play.

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Keylon Dorsey, SG, Aldine Eisenhower – Dorsey is definitely the guy I would like to see again this summer. A 6-foot-4 shooting guard, Dorsey has shown tremendous results and when I went to the gym to watch him play, he was getting results on both sides. Even though he was a winger, he blocked a few shots on the ring and I was impressed with the way he saw the floor and moved the ball, putting in big numbers in attack. He finishes above the ring in the transition, jumps to keep a fair defense and has the advantage.

Kayden Edwards, SC, Duncanville – The shooting guard class of 2025, 6-foot-3 Edwards looked like one of the cleanest shooters in the state. Coming off the bench for a busy program, he showed little hesitation and a lot of confidence in pulling up from deep. He hit the first three, which he took from deep, and then pushed them back a few steps and hit from deep. Let’s see what other aspects he brings to his game in the future.

King Grace, SG, Dallas Hillcrest – There’s a lot of excitement in the Dallas area about the 6-foot-4 Grace, and it didn’t take long to figure out why. He has a great first step, he is a long driver who can finish from different angles and he plays fearlessly. He shares the backcourt with the longtime NBA player (and current Jackson State head coach). Mo Williams son Mike Williams and those two are a fun backcourt to look at. Over the weekend, Grace received offers from Mississippi State, TCU, and Texas Tech.

Jeremiah Green, CG, Denton Guyer. Already well known in his home state, Green was one of the best sophomores I saw at TABC. Right now he’s a guy who likes to knock down defenders with dribbles and he has a quick first move to go along with his creativity with the ball that allows him to hit guys and do stuff between the rim and 15 feet. If he can dial regularly from deep, he could be a real problem in the future, and he already has offers from the states of Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Troy.

Jared Harris, Computer graphics, Silsby. One of the best finds of the weekend, my colleague Brandon Jenkins really appreciates the 2024 scorer. I didn’t watch him for as long as I would have liked, but I liked his energy, ability to score at all levels and overall potential. He looks like the type of guy who will be aiming for a spot in the 2024 rankings after the summer is over and getting offers from Auburn, Houston, Kansas State, SMU, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M and Washington State.

Tyrant MasonSG and Nick Williams, SF, Plano – We’ll see how these teammates go, but I’d like to check them out again in the future. Mason is about 6’4″ tall, can score a little from the rebound and from deep, and shows promise as a playmaker. Williams is a 6’7″ striker who can hack, jump glass, run well on the floor and have a frame that should allow him to add enough muscle mass to play as a small ball, fourth down the road, making him pretty versatile. .

Robert Miller, PF, Pasadena Memorial. Miller, at 6ft 9in, already ranked nationally in 2024, is something of an enigma in terms of scoring. He’ll catch the bounce, push it to the floor, and get to the ring for a dunk or hard finish. It has the ability to stretch the floor a bit and it clearly has all the tools you would want in a modern high major four. At the same time, he can hang too much around the three-point line and is passive at times. Let’s see what can happen to him if he unlocks his inner beast in the future.

Kai’ri Murray, SG, ft. Bend Busch is a 6’2 guard who plays in attack mode, it’s hard to imagine that this guy won’t end up as a home at division one level. He’ll hit the paint and give up his body to finish at the ring, he’s playing fast and exhausting a well-timed shot just as defenders try to stop his shot. His team didn’t have a roster in the coaching package, but of course they made their way to the scorer charts or spoke to Texas scouts to get his name and mark him as one of those to check out in the future.

Bo OgdenSG and Jamie Vinson, PF, Austin St. Michaels. Without a doubt, Ogden was one of the most promising players in 2026 to attend the tournament. Son of a Texas Helper Chris Ogden, he’s a 6’4 shooting guard who can really take them off the deep end, is a good passer and has a long frame to grow into. His introduction was impressive. As for Vinson, at 6ft 9in, with a strong build and height, he looks like he’s running up and down the floor. He climbs the lane quickly, has some shot and certainly looks like a promising player. If he starts the engine and production, he could become one of the best big people in the state in 2024.

Karson Templin, PF, Lovejoy – When it comes to Templin, there will never be any problems with the motor. He is strong, runs fast on the floor, plays very physically and works very productively on the ring and on the glass. His jump shot looks promising, and at 6ft 6in he looks and plays bigger than his actual size. Incarnate Word and Sam Houston have come up with suggestions, and there are plenty of other mid-careers who are on the hook.