Dink Pate (Photo: Eric Bossy, 247Sports)
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DUNCANVILLE, TX — With over 200 college coaches in attendance at the Texas Basketball Coaches Association on Saturday, no one drew more morning crowds than rising juniors. Dink Pate.

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At 6ft 7in, Pate can play point guard, shooting guard or small forward on his Dallas (Texas) Pinkston team. Already ranked 43rd nationally, there are days when Pate looks like a clear five-star talent, and Saturday was one of them.

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Whatever you want him to do, Pate did it. Deep jumpers? Check. High-flying edge attacks? Check. Pull-ups? Check. Pate lit the scoreboard at will in front of a crowd that included head coaches from Auburn, Houston, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Tulsa, and Utah, as well as assistants from Arizona, Arkansas, Baylor, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State. , Kentucky, Texas, Texas Institute of Technology and USC among others.

Pate was in Tulsa for a team camp, has been to TCU before and says he plans to visit LSU and Central Florida soon. But he also stressed that he is wide open.

“I’m looking for a coach who believes in me and knows my position,” Pate told 247Sports. “Everyone thinks that because of my height of 6’7″ I’m a big man, but I can handle the ball, I can pass the ball and I can hit the ball.”

Any coach who pursues Pate needs to be prepared to live with some high risk/high reward situations as he plays his way to consistency. However, the payoff could be huge due to Pate’s versatility as a scorer and playmaker who also understands how his height gives him an edge and some things he needs to work on.

“Most likely, I will have a defender shorter than me, and I can go to the block, put it on my hip and score,” Pate said. “I see a lot of defenders and that’s what I’ve been blessed with so I’m happy for it.

“Heavy gym, I’ve been training a lot and I can work on it more with my defense and my leadership.”

Early in the process, Pate said that all college options were on the table and that he was also open to exploring pro routes, especially the G League.

“The main goal of the G-League is that I want to be a professional,” Pate said. “I feel like the G-League can help me get there. I saw Jaden Hardy just being drafted and I feel like I can fit into one of those programs.”