Tae Williams crashes glass to score for Cleveland State – ESPN Video

0:16 Sam Vinson trips defenseman and hits 3 Sam Vinson of Northern Kentucky builds a lead on his defenseman and continues to hit a 3-pointer. for a three-pointer in a fast break. 42 min 0:24 Sam Vinson receives an u-1 bucket for Northern Kentucky Xavier Rhodes hits a defensive pass and hits Sam Vinson for an u-1 basket. 46 min 0:26 Tae Williams breaks glass to score for Cleveland State Tae Williams is in the right place at the right time to grab the offensive rebound and score. -pointer.33m0:16 Cleveland’s Drew Lowder Knocks Down Pass 3Drew Lowder moves up without hesitation for a fast break 3-pointer. ass on defense and plates to Sam Vinson for basket and-1. quite possibly seven conference tournaments.9hJohn GasawayPetre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports


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