Tapping Into March Madness. Plus, a Ring Culture Debate and League Scuffles.

Austin and Pausha Crane in “March Madness” and summarize Pausha’s personal experience of watching a wild Virginia-Fuhrman game before they discuss the difference between college and professional hoops (1:20). They then switch gears and try to sort out league brawls, including the recent confrontation involving Giannis, Trey Liles and Brook Lopez (13:58). They also discuss the “ring culture” debate (24:38) and Ja Morant’s recent interview about his current situation. Later, Austin’s Pet Peeves returns and he loses sight of which teammates are obsessed with soup during the filming of the Timberwolves (34:37).

Hosts: Austin Rivers and Pausha Hagigi.
Producers: Erica Cervantes and Ben Cruz

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