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Terence Crawford, Errol Spence Jr. to fight for undisputed welterweight title on Nov. 19

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While 2022 may be remembered as one of boxing’s greatest years in decades in terms of the quality of fights fought, things improved on Thursday when undefeated welterweight champions Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford agreed on terms for a November 11 unification bout. 19 in Las Vegas.

This was first reported by ESPN.

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When undefeated welterweights, each with a belt, fight for the title, it often makes a big difference in boxing.

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Spence-Crawford will feature two of the best fighters from the top five weight divisions vying for the undisputed title. Crawford, who is ranked #1 by Sportzshala Sports by weight class, holds the WBO welterweight title. He is 38-0 with 29 knockouts. Spence, No. 5 on Sportzshala Sports, is 28-0 with 22 knockouts and holds the IBF-WBA-WBC welterweight belts.

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The venue has not been determined.

This is the kind of fight that can help increase interest in boxing. In recent years, the sport has been blessed with superb young talent, many of whom are now thriving. But to build a sport and grow a fanbase, he needs fights like Spence-Crawford that push the boundaries and can create new fans.

Spence, a member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, was compared early in his professional career to the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard in terms of his ability to do it all in the ring. Spence is left-handed and Leonard was orthodox, but Spence is a brilliant boxer who has a great chin, powerful push in both hands and amazing lateral moves. He can fight back and forth well.

Terence Crawford will take on Errol Spence Jr for all 147-pound belts in November.
Terence Crawford will take on Errol Spence Jr for all 147-pound belts in November.

Crawford is a brilliant technician who fights lefties and orthodoxies and switches between them easily and almost effortlessly.

This show will create a buzz that most fights don’t have today, even the quality ones. So this is an opportunity to increase the number of fans by filling the map not only with talented fighters, but also with talented fighters in exciting fights.

Spence Crawford is one of those fights that is almost guaranteed to be exciting.

Crawford-Spence: the right fight at the right time

However, one of the problems that has plagued boxing is that promoters are now spending so much money on organizing the main event, especially on the pay-per-view card, that there is nothing left to fill out a quality undercard and sell. advertise and promote the show. And so, if there is no controversy or some way to attract the attention of the public, the fight suffers at the box office.

Filling the undercard with great fights doesn’t guarantee it will sell. But if this is done and the fights turn out as expected, the fans will feel like they have well spent their money. This way you can add new fans. These are long term investments.

Spence Crawford is going to deliver. The first choice here is Crawford as he is more versatile and has more ways to win. I’m not discounting Spence because he pretty much lived up to the hype that surrounded him not only after the Olympics, but when he sparred in the early days of his professional career with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But Crawford is a mean and vicious type who is one of the best finishers in boxing. He’s a slow starter, which can be problematic against Spence, but he’s one of the smartest fighters in the sport and knows better than anyone when to hit the gas pedal.

It really is a time to celebrate as this is the main fight that takes place when the fighters are undoubtedly in their prime. Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, for example, met in 2015 when both were already in the past. Would the fight have been more convincing or would the outcome have been different had they fought in 2010? No one will know, but there is an argument that the answer to both questions is yes.

I would have preferred Mayweather regardless of when he fought Pacquiao because of his style, but this is still discussed in boxing circles.

Fortunately, the Spence-Crawford fight will take place exactly when it should, and this is an occasion for boxing fans to express gratitude and save their pennies. November 19 will be a big night for the sport and its fans.


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