Terrence Shannon Jr. somehow gets this and-1 to fall in OT – ESPN Video

0:19 Terrence Shannon Jr links it late with a clutch and -110h0:21 Kobe Bufkin throws a hard and -1 jumper11h0:22 R.J. Melendez excited after finishing and -1 dunk 11:0:27 Doug McDaniel splashes jumper for Michigan 13:0:18 Terrence Shannon Jr closes game late with clutch and -110:0:21 Kobe Bufkin throws hard and -1 jumper 11:0:22 RJ Melendez excited after 11:0:27 Doug McDaniel makes a run for Michigan 13:0:18 All in the family: How three generations of Jaques ruled basketball on the West Coast thanks to its unwavering bond. Myron Medcalf, 56m, Ian Kim Lim/UCLA Athletics


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