Texas Football: What makes the SEC a unique challenge for Texas

Times change on forty acres. As of 2024, the Texas Longhorns will become members of the Southeastern Conference. It will be a challenge that no other Texas has faced.

Barry Switzer outlined how difficult it would be for Oklahoma to win in its new conference. Texas faces an equally difficult task in the new league.

With the addition of Oklahoma and Texas, the SEC will now have three traditional blue bloods. Alabama has the most equipment out of the three.

The task of the SEC is not so much in the middle, but in the upper half. Right below what is commonly considered “blue blood” is a level dominated by SEC teams. Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Florida and Auburn could all be blue-blooded but with the potential and some equipment to compete with college football’s top players.

All-time Tennessee Volunteers boast six national championships. Georgia, LSU, Florida and Auburn have played together in eleven national championship games since 2003.

At its peak, Texas can compete with anyone. However, the Longhorns will need to improve their game to climb to the top of their new conference.

The story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire.


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