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The 24 Players Who Deserve to Make the 2023 NBA All-Star Game

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It’s time to pick the 2023 NBA All-Star Teams! In each conference, players start who I voted for in my official bulletin. Reserves get here by being great, having impressive extended and base numbers, and contributing to the win every night. Without further ado, here are all 24 of my picks, starting in the East.

Eastern Conference frontcourt starters

Joel Embiid
Jason Tatum
Kevin Duran

There’s no better word to describe the idea of ​​Tatum, Embiid, Durant or Giannis Antetokounmpo coming off the bench in the All-Star Game than “stupid.” Maybe “donkey”. Or “idiotic”. But these are positional restrictions imposed by the NBA, forcing their voters to make the toughest choice in recent All-Star memory.

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After looking at many statistical comparisons; weighing your values ​​and team successes; and with duties, efficiency, defensive impact, performance and other metrics determining who truly was the best in 40+ games by the smallest possible margin, Antetokounmpo missed the cut.

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Here’s how advanced comprehensive metrics shake them up:

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Real plus or minus

  • Tatum: 1st
  • Embiid: 5th
  • Antetokumbo: 17th
  • Durant: 28th

Estimated plus or minus

  • Embiid: 2nd
  • During: 6
  • Tatum: 8th
  • Antetokounbo: 19th

RAPTOR wins above replacement

  • Durant: 3rd
  • Embiid: 3rd
  • Tatum: 3rd
  • Antetokounbo: 26th

Antetokounmpo is not ranked number one on any of these lists, despite having the highest usage rate in the league and presumably a temporary lead over the other three thanks to the permanent absence of Chris Middleton (a loss that changed everything Antetokounmpo is still cannot be done from the perimeter to the front).

You might argue that Giannis has the best season of the four given how weak his supporting cast is compared to those of Durant, Tatum and Embiid. After Jrue Holiday, who also missed 11 games, there is a Grand Canyon-like drop in shooting. But it’s not good for Antetokounmpo that when he plays without Holiday, the Bucks eat negative net rating and an offense that is considered the worst in the NBA.

It is the least efficient of the four, percentage gap between effective and true throwfourth place in VORP and win share in 48 minutes, and bad during crunch with small sample size. He played about the same number of minutes as Embiid, and far behind Tatum and Durant.

Meanwhile, Tatum is the best player on the best team, averaging 31.2 points, 8.5 rebounds, 4.3 assists and just 2.7 turnovers per game. He also rarely misses games, which is why Boston is the better team. This tenacity gives him a significant advantage in minutes and affects his total counts. He has launched more triples than Durant, Embiid and Giannis combined and has about 250 more points than Giannis and Embiid. His ability to blend in with a talented cast without overwhelming them speaks volumes about his maturity. In addition to having almost any punch in reserve, Tatum can break out of UTEP’s two steps at any time. What more can you ask for?

Durant would probably have been on the outside were it not for the absurd statistics and success he racked up before dislocating his knee. There is more information about how historic it was here. Looking at his footage, you feel like a hallucinogen has leaked into your prefrontal cortex. Durant’s most striking video belongs to the film by David Lynch. Nothing in it should ever be normalized.

He remains the most inescapable scorer alive today: someone who can stick a needle anywhere on the floor, whether it’s a double team or (foolishly) covered by just one person. He takes and makes shots that can be bold. Or like he’s bored and needs to challenge himself by deliberately increasing the difficulty.

Embiid is not good enough to be called the best defender of the year, but its influence as a deterrent remains undeniable. Philadelphia has the best defense in the NBA when he’s on the court without James Harden. Embiid is also set to lead the league in scoring for a second season in a row (and is on track to become 19th player in NBA history to average over 30 points per game more than once).

East backcourt starters

Donovan Mitchell
Tyrese Halliburton

The guy who lost 71 points in one game while averaging 28 points for a team that is now third in the net rankings? This guy starts in the All-Star Game (in Salt Lake City, anywhere!). Mitchell found an absolutely perfect situation in Cleveland, backed up by a pair of long, mobile big players that deserve to be considered as an all-around defense, and a “minor” ball handler that makes the 3 logos look routine, with pick-and-roll magic that diversifies what what might otherwise be a foreseeable crime.

But the Cavs wouldn’t be where they are without Mitchell’s career year. He became one of the most dangerous pull-ups in the NBA. second only to Steph Curry in accuracy and Kevin Huerter among all players who have made at least 100 triples from the rebound. His step back is a clever deception and a huge reason why he is also an elite pick-and-roll offensive player. This season, 67 players have initiated at least 500; Mitchell scores fourth in straight play points.

This is partly due to his vision of downhill skiing. This is partly because Mitchell’s throw from the outside exposes the defense to his furious combination of strength, athleticism and willpower on the rim. Mitchell throws almost 70 percent into the ring, realizing a ridiculous 56.4 percent of his floats (one of the highest scores in the league). This person also makes games that outshine the numerical score. Just look at what he does to Giannis on that transition as one of the best basketball players flies across the lane to try and block Mitchell’s shot. How many guards can make this game?

Haliburton is a less obvious choice, but no less worthy. He leads the NBA in assist with percentage used. which is not even in the top 60is admirable in a league full of top playmakers who dominate the ball. Haliburton’s dedication and accurate outside shooting means he can thrive in any environment, next to any player. Some of his passing—whether improvised from sideplay outside the playing area or quick finds at full speed on the open floor—are divine.

Haliburton is also incredibly slippery one-on-one when the defense forces him to attack on the island. According to the second spectrum, he is the most efficient NBA player in straight play among those who isolated at least 150 times.

East Front Court Reserve

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Bam Adebayo
sorry pascal

Giannis speaks for himself. Many consider him to be the best player alive today. Even in a bad year, he will still be on the MVP ballot. His Bucks are only rivals because he’s on the team. But, as mentioned earlier, he didn’t make it into the starting five because Embiid, Tatum and Durant were microscopically superior to him.

Adebayo is great and always adds to his repertoire. He takes more jumpers in paint than any other NBA player. This is such a rare shot. He takes about 2.5 of them per game, which is more than double its volume compared to last season. It’s also a pretty credible look: Adebayo converts about 45 percent of them. (No one hates this footage more than Brooke Lopez.)

In terms of defense, Second Spectrum tracking data suggests that the Heat haven’t had as much success this year with Adebayo changing ball screens but don’t bet too much a lot of shares in these numbers (Tyler Herro, more involved, and PJ Tucker, not involved, have something to do with them). Adebayo is seventh on defense, give or take, and he’s still a living bear trap on the perimeter, the last big man any guard wants to see in space.

Siakam leads the NBA in minutes per game for the second straight season and is now in his sixth straight season with a Raptors team that falls apart when he’s on the bench. Siakam’s effectiveness has dropped and he doesn’t hit the rim as often as he used to. But he still averages over 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists per game (milestones achieved by only nine other players in NBA history) with one of the most delightfully evasive mail games.

Eastern rear reserve

Trae Young
Jaylen Brown

The reaction to Yang is understandable. He doesn’t seem like the most malleable colleague. His indifference to defense makes the lives of the people around him much more difficult than it should be. Its use ranks among the top spots in the league, despite the fact that the percentage of effective and accurate shots is below the league average. And he’s headstrong, which honestly shouldn’t be in the cornerstones of a franchise.

Elite players make the most of their talent while maintaining at least a little bit of self-awareness. They understand what makes them great, what they need to improve, what points of criticism are valid and what can be ignored. Yang is probably closer to understanding all of this than he was a few years ago, but there is still room for improvement.

At the same time, Young’s talent (especially as a playmaker) is one that few can rival. It’s not his fault that Atlanta’s management decided to trade Kevin Huerter due to taxes, cutting off some of the three-point shots from a team that relies on space. (85.3 percent of Young’s passes have at least one defenseman, which ranks fourth among all players who drive at least 10 times per game..)

Last season, the Hawks had the second-best offense in basketball. This year they have dropped to 17th but they are in the top five with Young on the court. He averages 27.1 points and 9.8 assists per game as a man who can throw every pass and can regularly kill giants with a deadly float that often doubles as a perfect shot to Clint Capele, Onyeka Okongw or John Collins.

Yang’s talent and attention to him…


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