The 355 teams that won’t win the 2023 national title — and the eight that could

Champions Week is in full swing, bubble teams are worried about potential bet thieves, and the coaching carousel is about to spark rampant speculation. All this can only mean one thing.

It’s time to try once again to extend one of the most venerable sports streaks. I’m referring, of course, to the legendary feature known as the 355 teams that won’t win a national title.

Eight applicants are chosen each year from 363 Division I members. And every year since the creation of this article in 2016, the NCAA title has indeed been won by one of those eight teams.

Here are the 355 teams that will not win the national championship, divided into three categories: ineligible, near misses, and no clear path.

Not eligible (11 teams)

Bellarmine Knights
Lindenwood Lions
Merrimack Warriors
Queens University Royals
St. Thomas-Minnesota Tommis
Southern Indiana Screaming Eagles
Stonehill Skyhawks
Tarlton Texans
Texas Lions A&M-Commerce
UC San Diego Tritons
Utah Tech Trailblazers

Misses (25 teams)


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