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The best bargains from Amazon 2022: an iPhone at its lowest historical price, the Fitbit Sense ‘smartwatch’ at a 41% discount, a portable glass blender…

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EWe are less than three weeks away from the Amazon Prime Day 2022the couple of days in which Amazon gives its subscribers the opportunity to buy all kinds of beauty, sports, home, technology, fashion products… with the biggest discounts and the best deals. So if you’re not a subscriber, You can now request the free trial month to be able to benefit from all those advantages on Prime Day.

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There are three weeks left, we said, but bargains, bargains and promotions can be enjoyed from now on in the giant of the ecommerce. Today you have at your disposal great purchase opportunities with unbeatable prices. A Minecraft backpack, a Braun Series 7 shaver, a gaming

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For this reason, at BAZAR we have prepared a selection with the best products of all categories that are on sale today and others that have been sweeping sales for several days thanks to the important discounts that they have maintained throughout the week. Take a look at them, because surely one fits what you were looking for.

In addition, from our pages of Facebook, Twitter e Instagram We will also hang the best offers.

*On the channel Telegram Chollos Market Amazon you can follow daily all our selections of offers and opportunities.


These Danish Endurance brand ankle socks (yes, Danish) will allow you to play sports this summer in total comfort and without fear of heat or blisters. They are made of a technical and breathable elastic fabric, so comfort is guaranteed, and they have an anti-friction area on the ankle to prevent chafing when walking, running…

You have them available in a pack of threeand in various color and size combinations and they have more than 6,800 reviews by buyers of the product on Amazon, which give it an average score of 4.3 points out of 5.

You can buy it here for 14.40 euros (59% discount).


Is a jug blender by H. Koenig that has the possibility that you can take your smoothie wherever you want right when you finish making it, making it perfect for work, the gym and for your excursions. Includes two large portable jars that make this blender a lighter appliance than classic glass jar blenders. And it is because of this feature that almost 80% of users give it five stars on Amazon.

You can buy it here for 29.90 (49% discount).


A next-generation iPhone at a discount as rarely seen on Amazon with the products of Apple. Yes, you read that right, a Discounted iPhones. And not just any discount, we’re talking about a discount that allows you to reach today its lowest historical price according to statistics from the camelcamelcamel website.

In this case it is an iPhone SE in red that includes all the features of this technology: a 12MP main camera with four styles, a 7MP front camera, a careful design and software, and above all an incredible bombproof performance thanks to the A15 Bionic Chip.

You can buy it here for 509 euros (12% discount).


And special cleaning product to clean your car that removes dirt, oil, grease, nicotine, and that leaves plastic surfaces perfect. Users also use it to clean kitchen tiles and wall trim. “Removes stains and grime better than anything I’ve tried,” a very satisfied buyer from Germany writes on Amazon.

You can buy it here for 10.13 (48% discount)


And beard oil Made with a formula enriched with active ingredients and nutrients that will complete your daily beauty and hygiene routine. “I started with it when I grew my beard. It helps to moisturize the skin under the beard avoiding the discomfort of growth. I also like the smell a lot,” says an Amazon buyer.

You can buy it here for 10.59 (28% discount)


There will be no child or teenager who will not melt with this gift It is a pajamas inspired by Minecraftthe pixelized world inhabited by square-headed builders, creepers And animals. Made of 100% cotton, except for the front of the shirt, which is polyester, these pajamas are a tribute to the game. It is available for children between 6 and 14 years old and has excellent reviews.

You can buy it here for 26.95 (16% discount)


Is state-of-the-art Braun shaver Designed and manufactured in Germany, it will allow you to achieve a close, precise shave and take care of your skin without irritating it. You can use it dry or with water, it adapts to the density of your beard and exerts a uniform shaving pressure even in the most complicated areas. “The machine works very well. I come from a Series 3 and the difference is very noticeable,” says a buyer on Amazon.

You can buy it here for 218.79 (19% discount)


Is hanging chair will give you great reading moments and relaxation this summer, in addition to being a colorful element of decoration for the interior of your house -it will look great in your living room or in your bedroom-, your patio or garden. It has accessories so you can install it in different places, and its seat made of polyester and cotton makes it breathable and very comfortable.

You can buy it here for 39.57 euros (12% discount).


Las chairs gaming They have been leaders in sales for years. for its design and great comfort. It has an ergonomically designed high backrest and a foam padded seat upholstered in synthetic leather. It has five wheels so you can move freely and, in addition, it comes with two removable cushions to better support and protect the lumbar and cervical areas. Great not only for gamersbut also for offices and for those who spend many hours in front of the computer.

You can buy it here for 129.99 (7% discount).


if you love them smoothies, smoothies and gazpachos, this is your blender. It has 300W of power and steel blades with which you can even crush ice. Its parts are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. Those who already have it appreciate its style and how easy it is to use.

You can buy it here for 47.59 (21% discount)


Don’t you know what a switch is? Well and switch is to the internet connection cables (ethernet) the same as a thief to the plugs of the electrical network: they allow you to connect several devices to the Internet by cable when you only have a plug in the wall. For example, the smart tvthe Play, the router, cable TV… So you may not know it, but just what you need is a switch.

For example, this of the Gigabit brand with speed of up to 1000 Mbps and 8 different ports, so you can simultaneously connect eight different devices to the internet. It has 406 ratings and an average score of 4.6 points out of five and today you can buy it at almost half the price.

You can buy it here for 64.99 (43% discount).


Don’t give up anything for lost. A slogan that sums up the functionality of Apple’s Airtag very well. With the AirTag you can easily know where your things are. Put one in the keys and another in the backpack and you will have them located in the app. Have you lost your wallet? The world is not ending. Each AirTag has a built-in speaker and you can make it sound to locate it. Just open the Find or Say app’s new Objects tab “Hey Siri, where’s my bag?”. If it fell nearby, like under the couch, or in the next room, you just have to follow the sound track.

In addition, the “search” network has a legion of helpers: the millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac that are scattered around the world. And it is designed so that everything works without compromising anyone’s privacy, of course. The best, which is at its lowest historical price on Amazon, you can buy it individually or in a pack of four.

You can buy one here for 28 euros (20% discount).

You can buy the pack of four here for 98 euros (18% discount).


GEO beyond the limit, Nine perfect strangers, The Boys, Undone, Little Fires Everywhere… There are many series that you can see in Amazon Prime Video. And the best thing is that being a Prime user to access them is very cheap or free.

And we say free because from here you can sign up for free for a month and, if you don’t want to pay, unsubscribe after 30 days without paying anything. Amazon allows you to do this trick once a year, and the good thing is that when you sign up for Prime Video you also become a Prime user, so you will have advantages such as fast and free shipping and access to all Amazon Prime Day offers 2022. That’s why at BAZAR we recommend that you sign up this month and take advantage of the discounts. If you decide to stay, the cost is 3.99 euros per month.

You can sign up for a free month here.


“Alexa, show me the children’s room”, “Alexa, play my favorite song”, “Alexa, I want to watch the news.” The Echo Spot uses voice recognition extensively and is capable of doing everything an Alexa smart speaker does. From streaming music or from platforms like Spotify to ordering a pizza, telling a joke or giving you the news. You can also ask him to program appliances, make video calls with friends, connect with your child’s room and show you how he is…

“I thought it was going to be a whim that…


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