The Collapsing Celtics, Bucks Beam the Kings, and the Helter-Skelter Warriors With Rob Mahoney

KOC and Rob Mahoney (who fills in for Chris Vernon) sums up a fun night in the NBA, starting with the Bucks’ victory over the Kings (01:29). They discuss the loss of 46 points by Giannis, as well as the importance of Brook Lopez to the team. They also discuss whether the Kings can make the playoffs (10:22). After losing to the last-place Rockets, isn’t it time to reconsider the Celtics as possible title favorites (5:03 pm)? The Warriors looked like a shadow of themselves by defeating the Suns for the seventh consecutive time at home, and KOC and Rob discuss the lack of influence of DeAndre Ayton before discussing how the Warriors will live without Andrew Wiggins (28:10). Without Kyrie or Luka, the Mavs lost to the Grizzlies; the guys discuss their frustration with this Mavs team (37:58). They also discuss the good news about injured stars LeBron James and Carl Anthony-Towns (50:01).

Hosts: Kevin O’Connor and Rob Mahoney.
Producer: Jesse Lopez

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