Total 18 games John Shayerhead coaching career, the Duke Blue Devils have fallen out of the Top 25 since 2021 when they failed to enter the NCAA Tournament.

The Blue Devils are 13-5 overall and 4-3 so far in ACC play with 13 games left in the conference until the end of the season.

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Their latest loss came to the Clemson Tigers, who skyrocketed to first place in the ACC, starting 7-0 in conference play before losing Tuesday night to Wake Forest.

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As with the Blue Bloods, every loss causes panic as the expectations and demands for victory remain constant each year despite fluctuating lineups in a program that relied heavily on a single and talented player.

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So, even though the Blue Devils have a .722 winning percentage this season and are currently unranked, how concerned should Duke fans be?

First, let’s go back to when Shyer was given the keys to Duke.

When Shyer was named successor, he was given a brand with a good reputation, but also given something to build himself right away with a roster of just two returnees – one starter per Jeremy Roach who is currently injured and one substitute in Jaylen Blakes who averaged 4.5 minutes per game last season.

You have to give credit to the staff, despite losing arguably the greatest coach of all time, they came out and shot to the top of the class in the country with a group Kyle Filipovski, Mark Mitchell, Daric Whitehead, Derek Lively, Jayden Rubble and Tyrese Proctor.

Unfortunately for the staff, not all classes are created equal, a phrase you’ll be hearing from us a lot over the next two years.

To be completely honest with you, we knew that the expectations for Class #1 in 2022 would be too high, as they will be in 2023 and 2024, and even from an insider’s perspective, the class as a whole is still not excited.

On top of that, Duke had a crucial late exit as Trevor Keels decided to go to the NBA draft, where the invaluable experience and the necessary scorer went to the G League, which led to the reclassification of Proctor.

The partly underwhelming freshman performance this season could certainly be injury-related, with Nick Smith staying with Arkansas. Cam Whitmore a late start at Villanova, as did Whitehead and Lively at Duke.

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of these preseason practices and first games for freshmen. When someone misses them, you play a massive game of catch-up trying to find your rhythm in a new college game against top players as other teams and players have already begun to take shape.

However, this class of freshmen across the country was unimpressed. Only one freshman is in the top 50 in scoring in the NCAA at this point in the season, only two are in the top 50 in rebounding (Filipovski is one), and only one is in the top 50 in assists.

In addition to having an entirely new roster dependent on a less-stellar freshman class, you have to consider the fact that it is also led by a new head coach.

Not even considering the new head coach, but just a new head coach with a new team.

Even though it’s the same brand, it’s a new dressing room, and with that comes learning curves and growth issues, especially when you’re playing at what turns out to be a sneaky ACC conference.

This year, the ACC is not made up of high-profile talent and a plethora of Top25 teams as we’ve seen in the past, but it is made up of some of the country’s best coaches with age and experience.

Teams such as Wake Forest (4-4 Quad 1 and 2), Clemson (6-2 in Quad 1 and 2), Pittsburgh (5-6 in Quad 1 and 2) and NC State (6-4 in Quad 1 and 2) can defeat anyone on any night other than the supreme ACC powers of Miami, Virginia, and North Carolina.

So, with a brand new dressing room and a pretty hectic schedule, isn’t it time for Duke to panic as they’re out of the Top 25?

Simply put, no.

Duke has played 58% of regular season games this season. Compared to last season, with much more talent and more experience, they were 13-5 and the year before they were 7-7.

Duke fans rightly want more, but this is not the time to sound the alarm.

For the new team and new coach, they are ranked 25th in the NET rankings and 28th in KenPom.

It’s the same brand but a fresh start for Scheier at Duke and it will take another year or two to get some players back and for the roster to really take shape.

In the meantime, the team and fans can take this week to take a breath and lick their wounds ahead of a big opportunity on Saturday when Miami comes to town.