The Daily Sweat: NL East race between Braves and Mets only one left to be settled

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There is no more intrigue in Major League Baseball season.

Aaron Judge is still chasing the American League home run record, but the question is whether Judge will play Wednesday. The New York Yankees won the AL East on Tuesday and usually start sitting the next day. The Yankees have Thursday off, and then they play the next three games at Yankee Stadium. Aaron Boone told reporters he would talk to Judge about it on Wednesday.

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There are not many pennant races to keep track of. There are six divisions, and five of them were captured. However, the rest is tied.

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The New York Mets and Atlanta Braves share a 97-58 record with seven games left. They’re playing a three-game streak starting in Atlanta on Friday, but every win counts and they’ll both be in Wednesday’s game.

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Mets meets Miami Marlins and has -190 favorites at BetMGM. The Braves are favorites against the Washington Nationals with 225 favorites. Neither wants to be caught off guard and left on Friday without a game.

The Mets are rolling with Taijiuan Walker against Miami’s Jesús Luzardo, a talented and sometimes inconsistent southpaw. On Tuesday, the Mets lost a game to the Marlins, allowing the Braves to tie the NL East.

The Braves have Jake Odorizzi on the mound, and that can’t be comforting after giving up eight runs to the Philadelphia Phillies in his most recent start. The Nationals go with Josiah Gray, whose ERA is an ugly 5.17 this season. He hasn’t had a decent start since August. Atlanta have won four games in a row.

The Mets are 185 favorites to win the division, a big number considering the teams are tied. But the Mets will win the tie-break if they win even one game in Atlanta this weekend, which is a lot with only seven games left (no game 163 more to decide the tie). They also have Jacob de Grom and Max Scherzer to start on Saturday and Sunday.

If you really like that the Braves continue their weekend winning streak, their +150 odds of winning the NL East look pretty good. Then you just have to hope they don’t stumble against the Nationals on Wednesday.

Ronald Akuna Jr. and the Atlanta Braves are tied with the Mets at the top of the NL East.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Ronald Akuna Jr. and the Atlanta Braves are tied with the Mets at the top of the NL East. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Here’s a first look at Wednesday’s sports betting table:

The Yankees play after the clinch

The Yankees are 130 favorites on Wednesday, and it would make sense to take the Toronto Blue Jays even against Yankees starter Gerrit Cole. Teams usually sit in the starting lineup the day after the clinch. The Yankees enjoyed their division title on Tuesday night.

The Yankees have an Aaron Judge mystery. They want him to get as high as he can on the home run list in one season, but they also don’t want to wear him down before the playoffs. The fact that the Yankees are leaving tomorrow and they are home on Friday seems to influence the decision. But let’s see. Referee +230 chance at BetMGM to hit over 0.5 home runs on Wednesday, but keep an eye on the lineup.

Rest of MLB

The last week of the MLB season would be great if there were multiple divisional races. The AL wildcard race is almost over unless the Baltimore Orioles, 3.5 games ago, can somehow make it interesting.

The NL wildcard race continues. The Phillies lead the Milwaukee Brewers by 1.5 games. The Brewers face the St. Louis Cardinals, who won the NL Central on Tuesday. Most likely, they will take starting places on Wednesday. Milwaukee is the -145 favorite. Philadelphia is the -200 favorite for the Chicago Cubs.

What’s the best bet?

Fading teams that have just been successful can be profitable. Managers want to reward newbies and give them a day off. Nothing is a lock, but I’ll take the Blue Jays as an underdog against what will likely be the Yankees’ backup lineup. I could also sign up for the Brewers to be added to the game against the just finished Cardinals.


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