The Dodgers’ offseason secret weapon? Weighted bats


A group of Los Angeles Dodgers hitters arrived in Kent, Washington this offseason to brandish abnormally heavy bats under the watchful eye of Driveline analysts, all with the same mission:


Hitting has never been so difficult, and this truth is the biggest stumbling block to Major League Baseball’s determined effort to increase activity. No new industry rules — not filing hours, no shift restrictions, no big bases — can change that. Pitchers are throwing harder than ever with unprecedented movement, and those who are paid to win them are struggling to keep up.

“Nobody understands that,” Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts said. Unless you’re a striker.

However, frustration can often provoke curiosity. So Betts was born, joining Max Munsey, JD Martinez, Gavin Lux, and at least a couple of other teammates who took part in the bat-weighted Driveline program, designed to increase bat speed and possibly to give attackers a chance to compete against rivals in their sport. ever-increasing speeds.


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