The Draftables: Every NBA-ready prospect playing in the NCAA tournament

Over the past two days, we’ve broken down the top college basketball players in the NCAA Tournament by region (East, West, South, and Midwest). But as we’ve seen this year, there can be a huge difference between the best college players and the best prospects in the NBA.

Throughout the year, The Draftables provided a comprehensive list of college basketball prospects in the NBA. These athletes were divided into five categories: potential lottery candidates (designated as “Lottery”), potential first round candidates (R1), potential second round candidates (R2), players who could have received invitations to the preliminary competitions, such as the Portsmouth Invitational. G-League (G-League) tournament or elite camp and prospects that show the growth potential of the NBA in future years (Future).

However, our latest version of The Draftables only included the first three categories. This is because they are the only players who have a legitimate chance of being drafted this year.

Now, this special edition of The Draftables will use previously announced categories to showcase NBA-ready talent playing in the NCAA Tournament this year.


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