The Knicks Finally Beat the Nets, and Derek Carr Is Officially a Free Agent

(2:38) – NIKKS: Knicks defeat Nets for the first time in three years, losing to Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart..
(8:58) – THE JETS: The Raiders freed Derek Carr. Will the Jets sign Aaron Rodgers or wait?
(13:26) – YANKEE: Nestor Cortez’s hamstring injury keeps him out of the World Baseball Classic.
(6:57 p.m.) – LEGER DOUZABLE: CBS and SiriusXM’s LEGER DOUZABLE discusses Derek Carr’s approach to the Jets, Robert Saleh, and other ways Gang Green could make a breakthrough next season.
(31:41) – VICTOR CRUZ: Former New York Giants player returns to discuss Giants season, Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley and his SB with Big Blue.
(43:11) – TONY GONZALEZ: TE Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez joins the show to discuss Travis Kelsey, his transition to TV and how the Jets and Giants can get better.
(51:12) – ALEC INGOLD: The Dolphins FB discusses how the FB position disappeared, what it’s like to play with Derek Carr, and his book, Seven Crucibles: An Inspiring Game Plan for Overcoming Adversity in Your Life.
(59:56) – QUESTIONS: JJ returns to test his skills in quizzes.

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Host: John Yastremsky
Guests: Léger Dusable, Victor Cruz, Tony Gonzalez and Alec Ingold.
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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